Let Me Take A Selfie

Let Me Take A Selfie

HELLOOOO! In the name of fashion and having more updated pics of me on the ol’ blog and social media, I have been taking a lot of selfies lately. Believe me, I’m even starting to annoy myself, but sometimes the pay off is worth it because I really like the pictures seen below:


As you can tell, I was really FEELING MYSELF in these selfies. I am obsessed with my True Destiny Flower Power Top from TJMaxx and, of course, it wouldn’t be a Sarah Selfie without NYX’s Pure Red Matte Lippie being featured! I was actually in the midst of feeling really emotionally shitty the day that I took these pictures. But, sometimes all it takes is getting dolled up, snapping some pics, and getting compliments from strangers on social media to brighten up the day! πŸ˜€

Although taking selfies can be a hit or miss activity for me, when it works it works, and I feel like everything was working in the above pictures. My makeup, my eye color, and my favorite top all combined with the ideal natural lighting outdoors made for a perfect photo op, and I am so glad that I took it. And, trust and believe that I ate hella Mexican food immediately after I took these pictures. #success

What are some of your secrets to taking the perfect selfie? How many selfies do you take per week? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. You are so photogenic and I really love your piercings. For me it has to be a good day in order to look good in selfies haha. My secret to the perfect selfie is natural lightning. Night time selfies or selfies taken in a bathroom or with room lightning make me look orangey….Nice post bdw πŸ˜‰

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  2. I have decided to have little to no selfies on my instagram. After realizing most of my former instagram was selfies I decided to challenge myself to take photos of other things such as cats and food. It has made me less competitive with others about my make up so I do it however I feel that day.

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  3. Girl you are looking fierce! I love these pics. I also came to the realization the other day when I was taking my own pics, that all my pictures come out really well when I feel like crap….Maybe it is the fake it till you make it mentality? ;p ❀


  4. You look awesome! I have never taken one good selfie. Never posted one either. Just don’t have the face for it. I’ve tried every angle and lighting. I guess you can’t have everything…


    • Oh my goodness!!! I highly doubt it’s because you don’t have the face for it – everyone has the face for a selfie! It took me FOREVER to take good pictures of myself but practice makes perfect! πŸ˜€


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