Final Therapy Update

Final Therapy Update

Helloooo! I hope that all of you are having a wonderful weekend so far. As you can tell by the title of this post, this will be my Final Therapy Update until I choose to go again. I was definitely on the fence about going to my appointment this week, and I ended up canceling it.

I just feel tired of going over the same things week in and week out, and I almost feel like being in therapy gave me an excuse to engage in risky behaviors like binge eating or drinking, because I could just talk about it at my next appointment. My therapy sessions were very helpful to a point, but I felt like the metaphorical wall had been hit, and none of the advice that I was getting was anything that I felt like I could utilize.

This is not to say that I didn’t like my therapist at all, because I really did. But, I also felt like she was trying to force a belief system on me that I was not comfortable with, and didn’t seem to have any other advice but that. Although I could totally research things on my own, I did expect to gain some new insights during therapy and, after a while, I just wasn’t any more.

If a mental rough patch comes up, I do plan on returning again so that I have a safe place to communicate my feelings. But, for now, I am taking my medication daily and seeing what I can do on my own to start improving things for myself.

Has there been a time when therapy has been helpful for you? What are some of your mental health struggles? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. It hasn’t been all that helpful to me even though I am one 🙂 I guess I do better in the other chair. I also know there are really good people out there who can work with a plethora of issues but it can be hard finding them and they can be expense. Mark


  2. im having panic attacks which started yesterday. i always feel like everything is failing around me. and its triggering my anxiety


    • That’s the best help the therapist level counselor can provide. Neuroscience has provided another avenue into understanding how our brains function, and that has yet to be fully incorporated into psychology practices. Lisa Feldman Barrett has some fantastic literature on this matter…

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  3. I go to therapy now but I am only allowed so many sessions. I wish I could go more because it helps but it isn’t possible which sucks. It’s nice to speak to someone without feeling as if you’re being an annoyance


  4. I had a therapist I really liked as a friend, but we never seemed to get anywhere because our styles didn’t match. It sounds like, if you want to continue with therapy and still have more insights you’re seeking, you might want to just find a NEW therapist. There’s nothing wrong with ditching a therapist, even one you like, if they’re not helping. I’ve got a new therapist, and in some ways I LIKE her a lot less than the old one, but we’re making a lot MORE progress…

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