The Christmas Tag

The Christmas Tag

Hi everyone! I recently got nominated for The Christmas Tag by my darling friend, Vera, over at Love Live Laugh. Being an avid lover of the holiday season, I just had to participate! The rules state to nominate other bloggers, but I say feel free to join in the tag if you choose to spread the fun! Take a look at the rules and let’s discuss:

The Rules:

  • Copy this post
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate 5 bloggers or more

Q & A:

What’s your best Christmas memory? I love watching my loved ones open their presents. It seriously never gets old!

Your favorite sweet treat? Peppermint Mocha drinks from Starbucks and a well made White Russian.

White Christmas or on the beach? Christmas at my house with no snow!!

Family or out for a wild party? Family. A million times family!

Are you cooking or not? Oh yes, I love to cook – especially during the holidays.

Thank you so much again to Vera for nominating me for The Christmas Tag! If you would like to participate, no nomination is needed. Have fun and happy holidays! Much love. -Sarah


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