New Black, Glittered, And Bejeweled Nails

New Black, Glittered, And Bejeweled Nails

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! This Thursday I was able to squeeze in getting a much needed fill for my talons. I used to get my nails filled every three weeks, but I’ve pushed it up to four in the name of saving money. I don’t really mind, but by the time the month mark hits, my nails are in desperate need of some TLC.

As always, my beloved nail tech, STEVE, did an amazing job of sharpening the claws and getting them back to their normal fierce selves. Then, once I got home, I rhinestoned my middle finger crosses myself and it turned out great! Take a look:


I am super happy with how my rhinestones turned out, especially because this is only the second time that I’ve tried my hand at it. AND I freaking LOVE my accent nail color. The glitzy, glam, not quite pink and not quite purple color is so fun. Combined with the harsh black on my eight other acrylics and the edgy crosses, my accent nails add the perfect touch of sassy sweetness and I think that they look stunning.

I must pat myself on the back during this post, because none of my nails broke in an entire month and that rarely happens. It’s not like I mean for it to happen because I try to be careful with my claws, but accidents are bound to occur when my acrylics are over an inch and a half long in length. It’s really no matter, because instead of rushing to the salon to fix a break, I super glue them myself and once I’m in for a fill, Steve can repair it without even putting a new nail on. BUT, it was a nice feeling to not sit at Steve’s station with my tail between my legs about another boo boo on my acrylics! GREAT SUCCESS.

So there you have it, my New Black, Glittered, And Bejeweled Nails! What color of nail polish do you have on right now? Are you an acrylic or natural nails kind of gal? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Natural nails for me. I have really thin, flimsy nails and I wind up with holes in my natural nail bed when the acrylics are removed. If I could have them done without them destroying my natural nails I would definitely have acrylics.


    • Omg freaking ouch. That comment legit made me cringe! Holes in the nail bed is the stuff out of horror movies! My natural nails suck so it’s always going to be acrylics for me. It’s my monthly treat and I feel guilt free about it since I dye my hair myself šŸ˜€

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      • Yup, it was pretty unpleasant. I had them done a couple of times because my own nails are so weak. They’re literally like paper when they’re wet, probably due to me having EDS. Anyway, on both occasions my nails just peeled off in lumps along with the enhancements. I think the only way round it for me would be to keep having the regrowth filled and not actually have the nails removed. Using gel polish does the same thing too so I’m pretty much stuck with short nails and regular polish, unless I use hardener and keep them painted constantly to help reinforce them.

        What colour do you use on your hair? I’d love to see a hair post from you at some point, when you have the time.


      • I use Vidal Sassoon’s Runway Red from their London Luxe collection – I can deff do an updated post when I dye it at the beginning of October! šŸ˜€
        If you type in the name of that color on my search bar, you should find a few posts about it until then.
        Is there any supplements that you can take for your nails like biotin??

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  2. One of my favorite combinations is pink and black. Do not ask me why (maybe it is the edginess meets girly?) but these are AMAZING!!!! I love them! One of my favorites you have done by far! ā¤


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