Bath & Body Works September Freebie

Bath & Body Works September Freebie

Hi everyone and happy Monday! I hope that all of you had a fabulous and relaxing weekend. While running errands this past week, I had to stop into Bath & Body Works to grab my freebie for the month of September. I knew that I wanted to get a mini shower gel because I had sent my not so baby anymore baby cousin off to college last month with a few from my hoard among other gifts. A restock was definitely needed, so I ended up with a shower gel from B&BW’s scent, Endless Weekend. Take a look:


I have so many travel sized goodies from B&BW in my freebie hoard that it’s hard to keep track of all of the scents. Now, I just pick whatever I think looks the prettiest in the bottle or the label and go with that. I loved the pale blue color of this gel and who doesn’t want an Endless Weekend?!

I actually am just now taking a whiff of this body wash, because I didn’t bother in the store and it smells like total fun in the sun. It seriously smells like an ocean breeze passing through a giant fruit salad made of pineapples and raspberries with an edible flower garnish. I always prefer fruity scents, so I’m definitely happy that I randomly grabbed one that I like instead of something super musky or flowery. But hey, the unloved scents are great gifts for other people! Mwahaha. :*)

So there you have it, my Bath & Body Works September Freebie! What is your favorite scent from B&BW? Who is excited for all of the fall fragrances in stores now? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. I have a top 5, if that counts!

    1. Pink Chiffon
    2. Twisted Peppermint
    3. Cucumber Melon
    4. Moonlight Path
    5. Midnight Pomegranate

    These are in no particular order, they are just my ultimate favorites! I wish we had a B&BW where I live! I was only able to shop their products, in Hawaii! xo ❤

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  2. Are they not discontinuing Endless Weekend? that was one of my favorites. I have so many favorites I can’t even count them all. Right now my new favorite is Jasmine and Green Apple. Loooooove it so much.

    I have so many lotions they’re stuck in a huge box and I use them as I go. My sister is a nut and buys them all the time and just gives me a bagful to make sure my collection is on point 😀

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      • Ouch, that’s a long way to go for shopping! We’re inundated with Body Shops here. I used to shop there a lot back in my teens and early twenties but don’t tend to any more due to the fact that most of their products have SLS in them. I did recently buy some shampoo and spray in conditioner from them though, from their Rainforest range. It’s SLS free and smells fruity – a lot like Dewberries. I just wish they had a shower gel & bubble bath in that range because products with SLS in make my skin very dry and sore.


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