Sunshine Blogger Award #4

Sunshine Blogger Award #4

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! I am so thrilled that lifewithlilred has been nominated for its fourth Sunshine Blogger Award by my friend, Sarah, at Vintage Tea Rose. Not only does Sarah have the best name on the planet but she also runs a fabulous blog, which all of you should check out ASAP! Now, let’s get on to the rules for this award:

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who has nominated you for this award.
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs and write 11 new questions for them.
  • List the rules and display the logo of the sunshine blog award in your post.

Q & A:

Do you remember any of your dreams? Can you describe one? I have the absolute craziest dreams. You know how people dream about their teeth falling out? Ever since I started getting my talon nails three years ago, I have a reoccurring dream where I’m digging through dirt with my bare hands and my nails are breaking off in the process. Whenever I wake up, I’m so thankful to see that my claws are all still there!

Do you have any family tradition that you want to carry on? Uhh…None that I can think of haha my family doesn’t really have any special traditions. Then again, we usually all get margarita drunk during one of our birthdays. Yeah, I’ll carry out that tradition, for sure!

Who do you laugh the hardest with and why? My mom!! Omg, I always laugh when I’m with her because we both find the same silly things hysterical so once one of us starts laughing it’s totally contagious! For example, a judge on one of our favorite TV shows laughed really funnily and we re-winded the show so many times to hear it again and we were just crying with laughter! Like I said, it’s silly stuff that we think is funny while other people are like “what is wrong with them?”.

What has been the best piece of advice you have received? “Haters gonna hate”, which was on a wrist band that my best friend gave me for like my fifteenth birthday.

Would you rather never read another book or never watch another film/TV show? I love to read, so I would be okay without TV or movies, I suppose.

You’ve been arrested! What have you most likely done? Ooooh, let’s see…If I ever got arrested, it would probably be for a mishap while I’m really wine drunk, lol AYYYY.

Do you have a personal motto that you live by? What is it? Meh, not really.

Do you have a favorite post that you’ve written? Link to it. Meh, again, not really.

What is one of your pet peeves? When people ask me how I do anything with my talon nails! It’s so freaking annoying. -_-

Name one song that you never get tired of hearing. “Beautiful Day” by U2.

What’s something that your brain tries to make you do but you have to will yourself not to do it? Blow my bank account in one huge shopping spree!! Believe me, I think about it on the daily. It’s my cross to bear, I suppose. 😉

My Nominees (I’m only doing three):

My Questions For You:

  1. What is your favorite candy or sweet treat?
  2. What is a staple piece in your wardrobe?
  3. What is your least favorite color?
  4. Texting or phone calls?
  5. Favorite way to spend a day off?
  6. What was your favorite childhood toy?
  7. What are some of your favorite things about yourself?
  8. Do you have a favorite hobby other than blogging?
  9. If you were a boy do you know what your name would have been?
  10. What is your favorite name for a boy? For a girl?
  11. What is something that you are afraid of?

Thank you so much again to the sweet Sarah of Vintage Tea Rose for lifewithlilred’s fourth Sunshine Blogger Award! How would you answer some of Sarah’s questions for her nominees? How about some of the questions that I asked mine? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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