Rent VS Own: Comparing The Costs

Rent VS Own: Comparing The Costs

Some people can spend a long time wondering whether it’s better to rent or own your home. While many people have a strong opinion one way or the other, others think that different things are right for different people. It’s ultimately a personal decision whether you think renting or owning is best. Many people change their minds at different points in their lives. Renting can be more flexible, but owning can be more secure. Some people see renting as throwing money away, but if you get a mortgage, the property doesn’t exactly belong to you, either. Working out costs can help you decide which is the best choice for you.

Rent VS Mortgage: The major living expense for most people is the cost of their rent or their mortgage payments. The cost of renting can vary widely, depending on where you live. Some people can spend a third or even half of their income on rent, but others will pay much less. Working out how much you might spend on your own home is easy to do. If you use a house loan calculator, you can work out how much your payments might be. Some people might discover that mortgage payments could end up being less than what they pay in rent in the long run.

Bills & Insurance: Whether you rent or buy, you still have to pay bills. However, if you rent a room or property, your bills could be included in your rent. If you buy a home, you will always be responsible for your bills. This does mean that you have more control over them, though. It’s easier for you to change energy suppliers, for example. Another cost to consider is insurance. As a homeowner, you need to insure the property and its contents. But as a renter, it’s still a good idea to have renter’s insurance. Although the expenses are similar, the amount you pay could be very different.

Property Maintenance: As a tenant, maintenance of the property is usually the responsibility of your landlord. There might be some things that you’re required to do to keep it looking good, but major work isn’t normally up to you. But, as a homeowner, you need to pay for anything that needs to be fixed. And if you belong to an HOA, that could mean a lot of maintenance. Property maintenance is one of the things that can potentially make owning your home more expensive than renting.

The Cost of Moving: Another thing to consider is the costs of moving home. If you own your home, you’re likely to move less often. It’s up to you when you move, unless you can no longer afford to keep your home. But if you do decide to sell and move, it could be very expensive. Of course, moving as a renter costs money, too. You might have to pay a security deposit, first month’s rent, agency fees, and moving fees, plus you could move a lot more often.

Owning a home is often more expensive than renting, but many people prefer it. If you’re trying to decide which is right for you, look at the pros and cons of each and make the choice most suited to your current lifestyle.

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