Monday Update: Spring Cleaning Edition

Monday Update: Spring Cleaning Edition

Hiii everyone and happy Monday! The weather in Ohio has been insanely springy these past few days which is crazy, because our winters can be brutal. The sixty degrees and sunny weekend had me outside reading while listening to music, driving with the windows down, and taking my precious pups on long walks. The warm weather also resulted in a hard bite from the spring cleaning bug which left me with a much cleaner closet and desk which I am so happy about!

I didn’t really have any intention of spending my Sunday evening spring cleaning but I wanted to find a spot in my room to display my college degree, which is what began the process. I still haven’t found the perfect spot to put it but I did manage to clean off my desk and clear up some of the clutter in my closet so I guess my degree display can wait! Over the winter, my desk turned into more of an additional storage unit as opposed to an actual work space. Between multiple jobs and random odds and ends, my desk became the piece of furniture where paperwork, knick knacks, and whatever else I couldn’t find a specific space for in my room went.

The most obnoxious thing on my desk, though, was a cute container full of accessories like beanies, gloves, and bandanas that I had no idea where to house in my room. I knew that if I found a spot for them, that I would clear up a lot of additional space so I decided to create my own accessories drawer in my dresser. As I opened up the drawers and tried to figure out what I could condense into a shared space, I found hope in my very bottom drawer. I cleared it out and gave all of the items in it a new home, and then created this little nook for my clothing accessories:


I’m admittedly not the best at DIY solutions for storage problems and decor but I was really happy with my idea for an accessories drawer. It definitely helped free up my desk top clutter and I was able to put all of my outfit extras into a space where they wouldn’t collect dust and are easily attainable. I was able to finally see accessories that I haven’t worn in forever that were shoved into the bottom of my original container, which was really satisfying and left me feeling like I just returned from the mall with all of these old but new goodies.

Hopefully, I find a suitable place to put my degree soon but I would still say that this cleaning sesh was a success!

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Spring Cleaning Edition! What is the weather like in your neck of the woods today? Who has started some early spring cleaning for themselves already? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. I’ll be cleaning and organizing my closet as part of spring cleaning. Too bad we aren’t neighbors so we can just swap stuff. Hehe xo 😘


  2. I am always cleaning (bit of a neat nik) but this weather definitely gets me in the mood to do some throwing out! I am so happy it is such beautiful weather! While it is definitely unusual, I love it! ❤


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