Doggy Daycare: A Day In The Life Of A Pampered Pooch


Let’s face it, some pooches are so wonderful that they just deserve a day (and lifetime!) of pampering and luxury! Happily, there are plenty of products, places, and activities out there that can help you to make this happen. So read on for some fantastic suggestions of how to pamper your beloved pupper and make a wonderful day of it for the both of you:

Poodle Parlor: Number one on the list of things to do when you are pampering your pup is to take them to a grooming parlor. This is where they can get their coat trimmed, nails clipped, and get a nice bath, so that they are all ready to look their best on their special day.



Canine Boutique: Of course, once they are all spick and span you are going to want to take them to the boutique, so that they have something nice to wear. Popular choices are a new collar or two. If your dog is particularly glamorous, they may appreciate one with rhinestones on it! Diva alert! Or perhaps it’s your dog’s birthday or gotcha day, so you’d like to buy them a whole new outfit, in which to be the bell of the ball? Hey, some people are really in to dressing their dogs!

Doggie Massage: Now, all that fun can be tiring for your pooch, so make sure that he gets a nice rest before you go on to the next part of the day. Perhaps a little nap is in order? Or if you want to go the whole hog, how about getting him a doggie massage? Just think if he enjoys a pat, he is going to adore a proper massage! You can have a go at this yourself with the help of this tutorial, or take him to a professional if your budget allows.

Treats and More Treats: No doggie pamper day is going to be complete without plenty of delicious treats for Fido. There are savory treats, sweet treats, and dog breath freshener treats available. Which are a treat for you, too! Remember, though, your pooch should not be eating human treats! Especially not chocolate as this is super dangerous for them and needs to be avoided at all costs! A trip to the vet should never be a part of a doggy pamper day.

Fun Activities: Once your puppy is refreshed and awake, then it’s time to show off their new haircut and clothes, and burn off some energy by going for a long walk. But if you think that you are limited to just walking your dog around the block where you live, then think again. There are a lot of activities that you can do to exercise your pooch. Including hiking, country walks, and even allowing them to go for a dip in the sea! Although if you choose the latter, you’ll probably want to wait to get then groomed after, not before.

Delicious Meals: Lastly, no perfect pup pampering day would be complete without a delicious meal or two for your dog. You can buy them their favorite pre-made dog food. Or you can cook them something special. You can even get chefs that specialize in dog food to whip something up if you’re feeling that way inclined and extra fancy. 😉

Dogs are the best thing that ever happened to humans, so make sure that you celebrate your pets properly every day with lots of love!


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