Happy Gotcha Day, Doggies!

Happy Gotcha Day, Doggies!

Hi everyone and happy weekend! Yesterday was a special day because it was one of my precious pooch’s fourth Gotcha Day since we welcomed her into our family. Our Golden Retriever, Gem, has been such a wonderful, beautiful addition to our home and the love that my family has for her knows no bounds. Additionally, our little Terrier mix, Ollie, will be celebrating his first Gotcha Day coming up soon on February 13th so it will be an exciting few months to be a dog in the Mushenheim household!

Both of my pups were rescued through the amazing group that my mom, sister, and I volunteer for called Canine Lifeline. Gem and Ollie were both brought to Ohio from rural shelters in Kentucky and each became members of the family at first sight. Our rescue dogs bring so much joy to our home and are each true cases of ‘Who Rescued Who?’. Happy Gotcha Day to you, Gem! And almost little Ollie!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Also – if you are in Ohio and are interested in finding a new furever friend, then I encourage you to check out the pups at Canine Lifeline, where I’m sure you’ll find your new BFF! Not in Ohio but still want to help? CLL happily accepts donations and would greatly appreciate if you would spread the word! 🙂

What kind of pets do you have at your home? What is something unique or silly about your pet’s behaviors or appearance? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Three years ago my cousin’s neighbor found an abandoned mama dog on the side of the highway. He brought her home and she delivered 11 pups! The local shelter was too overwhelmed to take them so neighbors banded together to post pictures on social media. My husband and I drove to my cousin’s the next state over and came home with 3 of the puppies, one for my sister, one for a family friend, and one for us. We are fortunate to know our Ozzie’s birthday (Dec 26) and his gotcha day(Feb 14), so we celebrate both!


    • Oh Sarah, stories like that warm my bitter and cold heart. Thank you for doing your share in getting all of those precious pups a new furever home! Also – I love that your dog is Ozzie and mine is Ollie and their Gotcha Days are only one day apart! So precious. :’)

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