Hmm … If I Could Have A Month Off Work, What Would I Do?


The US Travel Association recently conducted a study of American workers. According to that study, American workers are missing out on more than 169 million vacation days per year. This could be a sign that people don’t really value their time off work, the study’s authors suggested. But it could also mean that people don’t really know how to take advantage of their time off when they do get the chance to take a break.

Making the best use of your vacation time is essential to keeping yourself on your A-game at work all year long. You don’t often get the opportunity to take an entire month off of work to do whatever you want. So here’s what successful people do to restore themselves and get back to work, raring to go, once the holiday time is over.

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Shut Everything Down: One of the things that successful people do on holiday is turn off all interruptions. Unlike most people who check their email and text messages on their smartphones, successful people don’t do that when they are on vacation. Instead, they turn off their phones and try to go at least six hours every day without using any electronics at all.

Spend Time With Somebody You Love: High-achieving people don’t always spend a lot of time with their kids, friends, or family. As a result, they use their downtime as a chance to catch up on conversations that they missed out on because they have been working so hard. When you’ve got a whole month off, it gives you the opportunity to schedule an entire week just to spend time reconnecting with the people that you love. This could mean having a big weekend getaway in a national park or simply enjoying the company of others around your house. It’s a chance to do things like barbecues, go to theme parks, and play ball games in the garden.

Improve Yourself: Because work is so demanding,  most people don’t have the energy in the evenings and on the weekends to pursue their own interests and improve their skills. But when you have a month off of work, all of this changes. Time off is a chance to try things that are completely different, but that adds to your overall skill set. Time off can be used to learn a new sport, learn a new language, or how to perform better in your personal relationships.

Managing annual leave can be difficult. If you only get 20 vacation days of annual leave a year, make sure you plan out how you are going to use those days to achieve your goals.

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Get Inspired: People who are at the top of their business often get very absorbed in what they are doing. They tend to see the world in terms of their own goals and their own achievements and they can sometimes lose sight of what’s happening all around them. Taking a month off is a great opportunity to open your mind and to try new things. For instance you could go for a hike in the wilderness, read a great biography, or watch a bunch of interesting documentaries on the TV. Once you’ve got this new perspective, you can then start out fresh with renewed motivation at your job.

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