Let There Be Light: How To Fight Dark Rooms In Winter


The winter months are famously cold and dark, but this is no reason to let your house turn into a dark cave, too! It’s never easy to make the most of your home decor when the weather outside makes you feel miserable and trapped inside the walls, but there are a few tips to keep your house full of light and freshness. Remember, that natural sunlight is directly related to your mood, so the more light and fresh air there is, the better you will feel! Here are some of the tips that come from our Nordic friends in Sweden, Norway, and Finland where sunlight is very precious throughout the cold months.

Trim All The Plants: Plants, in your garden and your home will generally be trimmed in the winter so that they will come back stronger and healthier when spring arrives. While you may not be an expert gardener, it is important to know that your plants find their energy in the sunlight, and that by pruning them during the cold months you actively help them save their energy to keep growing and blooming when the temperatures rise again. Additionally, garden bushes and trees often block the sun warmth and light from reaching your house. As sunlight is precious and limited in winter, it is important to make sure that your windows are not hidden by garden vegetation.


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Take Care Of Your Windows: Your windows are where natural light enters your house. Consequently, in winter they will be your main access to sunlight, as it is not uncommon to stay inside when the streets are cold outside. First of all, a thorough cleaning of your window glass will make sure that you can let the maximum amount of light in. Additionally, while it may seem more comfortable to keep the windows shut throughout winter, it is essential that you renew the air in your house regularly by opening the windows at least once a week for a few minutes to refresh the atmosphere inside the house and avoid the apparition of mold.

It is not odd for many homeowners to discover that the house becomes more difficult to heat after you’ve refreshed the air. This can be caused by old windows that cannot provide a quality insulation anymore. You can test the insulation of your windows quickly: A cold breeze around the window area is a dead giveaway that you need to investigate replacement window brands for hermetic alternatives!

Use Light-Colored Interior Decor: A dark interior will naturally give the impression a dark room, which often has a gloomy impact on your mood. Making sure that you don’t use dark wall paint is essential. But this is not all! If you have a dark-colored sofa, an arrangement of light and natural colored cushions will immediately lighten up the atmosphere, for example.

Additionally, the use of mirrors will help to create a playful game of light in the room which can maximize the access of natural sunlight. Last, but not least, it is recommended to remove heavy curtains from your windows to guarantee that the light can easily get in. If you want to keep curtains around your windows, make sure to use light material for these so that they don’t occult the sunlight. Fairy light curtains are a nice alternative for dark rooms with limited sunlight. And they sound so pretty, too!


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