The Cleaning Musts That Most Of Us Forget


With Christmas gone, spring is literally just around the corner. It may be hard to imagine when the days are short and we’re all so cold, but it’ll be here before we know it. That’s why it’s time to turn our attention to spring cleaning once again. We all associate spring cleaning with scrubbing out cupboards and washing the floors. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is, however, important to remember the other things that need attention. Here’s a lowdown on the spring cleaning musts that most of us forget.

Clean The Cleaning Cupboard: We fill our cleaning cupboard, yet how often do we check through what we have? Remember that you’re cleaning your house with the products that you’re storing there! If they’ve gone off, or become contaminated, it’ll affect everything. With that in mind, get cleaning. It’s important to scrub the cupboard itself, too. Cleaning cupboards always end up with a sticky residue (Ew!) from accidents. Don’t allow your cleaning stuff to become infected with bacteria. Keep the space clean!


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Keep The Air Clean: It may sound strange, but it’s important that you keep the air in your house as clean as possible. Damp or stale air can cause major health issues if you’re exposed to it for a long time. It can be hard to get your home fresh during the winter, but as soon as the beautiful days come, it’s essential that you get to work.

Throughout the whole year, you can avoid damp air by using a dehumidifier like those reviewed by Dehumidifier Web. During the spring, though, you can take literal air freshening even further. Open windows as often as possible to stop mold growth and staleness. It’s amazing what a difference a breath of fresh air can make. Clean your windows to ensure that they go into summer without any mold spores growing!


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Look After The Outside: It’s also easy to forget the outside of the house when we get stuck into the cleaning. Indoors isn’t the only place that needs a little attention once the winter ends. In fact, the outside of your house will need you more, as it will have been exposed to the elements! You should turn your attention to drains and gutters as soon as possible. During the autumn and winter months, they will fill with leaves. Not clearing these could cause a major backup.

Once that job is done, turn your attention to your garden. It’s bound to have suffered through the winter months, so you may have a fair amount of work to do. Start by clearing any dead foliage, then get to working on making the space beautiful again. For the most part, a little clearing up will ensure that your flowers will grow through as they should. Think, too, about when to start cutting the grass. It’s always worth listening out for when your neighbors start doing theirs!


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You don’t even have to wait until spring to transform your house. Why not get ahead of the crowd and do your spring cleaning in time for the new year? #2017goals !!

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