Sign Up For Twistfire Media!!

Sign Up For Twistfire Media!!

Heyyy everyone and happy Tuesday! My second month of posting for Twistfire Media is coming to an end and once again it did not disappoint. For those of you who don’t know, Twistfire Media is an advertising company that you can post for on your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. You get paid per click when you post an ad and it’s a great way to make a few extra bucks per month. Why wouldn’t you want to get paid to use social media?!

The ads that you post are often for fun quizzes, DIY projects, and silly articles. There is nothing inappropriate in any of the posts, either, which often tends to happen with some of the ads that I see in the world of social media. If you’re a Facebook buff, a Twitter celeb, or a Pinterest queen then I can’t recommend signing up for Twistfire Media enough! If you’re interested in signing up for Twistfire, you can email me at! 🙂


While you’re on my pages, make sure you check out the ads that I post to help a Lil Red get paid! THANKS! ❤


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