So Far So Good!

So Far So Good!

Heyyy everyone! So I know you’re all awaiting with baited breath to hear how my summer classes are going – and for the most part they’re all going great! I started my math and Sociology class on Tuesday, and apparently I won’t be starting my Social Psychology course until June 8th which came as a rude shock. (So now I only have eight weeks to complete that course. -__-) At first I was pretty overwhelmed by everything because let me tell you – it’s a lot! In all of my classes we’re going through about two chapters worth of work and information per week to finish each course in a ten week time period…it’s a bit much! (And by a bit I mean a lot.) Despite the excessive work load, I’m feeling pretty good about everything for the most part. I’ve been tucked in at the local Starbucks basically every day this week with a bag full of my textbooks, laptop, laptop battery, headphones, notebooks, planner, and writing utensils to keep me company. Each day I usually spend four hours at Starbucks, then I go home and take a little break to let my brain breathe, and then I start up again for another two or three hours. I’ll tell you what – by the end of the day I’m exhausted and my brain feels fried. I’m learning a lot of information every day and I swear my brain is running out of room to store it all in. My Sociology class is easy peasy, it’s basically just reading the textbook. But my math class is already a major frustration. I’m taking all of my courses online this summer and it’s just so difficult trying to learn new math skills over the computer. Yesterday the chapter we were working on had to do with subsets and yada, yada, yada and I was so confused. I read the chapter multiple times, I watched the videos about the subject, I looked through the Power Point presentations, and I “chatted” online with a tutor for a solid thirty-five minutes and I still didn’t understand a damn thing. That’s what I get for taking a math class online, I guess. Luckily, I posted a Facebook status yesterday asking for help from anyone good at math and one of my favorite customers from PacSun messaged me saying that he would help! So we’re gonna meet up for coffee tonight so he can try to explain things to me. Fingers crossed that I walk away with a new understanding on stupid subsets! 😉

On the bright not school related side, my 21st birthday is coming up very soon! June 7th, to be exact!!! So rest assured that this entire upcoming week will basically be me telling you guys how excited I am to turn the big 2-1 like a million times…Sorry not sorry! 🙂 And if you feel like sending Lil Red some birthday lovin, you can always get me a box of my Vidal Sassoon Runway Red hair dye from the London Luxe collection! I like to have multiple boxes handy at all times, so feel free to add to my stockpile! THANKS! 😉 ❤


Well I must be off to finish my Sociology work and then I’ll be done with everything until Monday! Hurray! I’m so ready for a fun filled stress free weekend – god knows I need it! Does anyone else have a birthday coming up? What are you doing to celebrate? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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