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Lil Red Loves… Wedding Online Shopping

Lil Red Loves… Wedding Online Shopping

Hi everyone! All of my purchases for my wedding OOTD were done online and I have been so impressed with everything. It is also such fun to have gifts from me to me show up in the mail several times a week, lol. While I won’t be giving away any details about my look for my wedding in this post, I will be commending all of the wonderful websites and Etsy shops that I bought through. Let’s get to it:


My engagement ring was purchased from the Etsy shop, VermeerJewelry, and I am continuously blown away every time I look at my hand! I have never seen a more perfect ring in all of my life and the craftsmanship of the carved pearl and sterling silver band is nothing short of breathtaking. The ring arrived quickly and was affordable while still being drop dead beautiful. I would happily purchase from this Etsy shop again… In fact, there are a few pieces that I have my eye on! Highly recommend.


My wedding veil from the Etsy shop, Momaeker, arrived recently and it is stunning! I felt like a blushing bride just from slipping it on momentarily while I was in leggings and a T-shirt. The veil is like nothing I have ever seen before and I think the same will go for a lot of people! My purchase was made and shipped promptly, which was much appreciated and I think any bride to be would be lucky to wear one of Momaeker’s fabulous creations.

Wildly Untamed Boutique:

If you have been keeping up to date on my blog, then you will know that I am obsessed with Wildly Untamed Boutique and their AMAZING customer service. Shockingly, it took me a decent amount of time to find the perfect pair of wedding heels but once I saw my incredibly unique purchase on Wildly Untamed Boutique, I knew I had to look no further. Saying that my heels are different is a severe understatement and I definitely plan on shopping with Wildly Untamed Boutique again. You just can’t beat their crazy cool selection and the help from customer service if needed.


The wedding dress that I ordered through EricDress is the first and only wedding dress I have ever tried on and it is so beautiful. As we all know, a traditional wedding dress is just not for Lil Red and my custom order was made quickly according to my measurements and arrived with ample time to make some necessary tweaks. Their selection is also really affordable. I can picture myself shopping with EricDress for my next special occasion and have a feeling that my reception dress will be ordered from there!

When it comes to our wedding apparel, Johnny and I both wanted pieces that make a statement without breaking the bank. I truly believe I found that from each of the sites I bought through and give all four of the above the Lil Red Stamp Of Approval. I cannot wait for my big day so I can finally show everything off. 🙂

What is your favorite Etsy shop? Can you guess what I purchased through any of the above websites? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Dresses, Shoes, & Veils – Oh My!

Dresses, Shoes, & Veils – Oh My!

Hello! When it comes to planning our wedding, Johnny and I are basically all done and will work on preparations for a reception when it is safer to have a party. Like I said in previous posts, we are having a very small ceremony so we really don’t have too much to plan for! That doesn’t mean that we aren’t taking our wardrobe incredibly seriously, though.

While I am still waiting for my dress that I ordered to get here, Johnny’s wedding clothes have already arrived and his look is perfect. Because this is a nontraditional wedding in every sense of the word, Johnny and I both know what each other will be wearing. In fact, we helped each other pick everything out and he was so sweet to always sit by me and give his opinions on the endless pages of veils, shoes, and dresses that I had pulled up.

Like any bride to be, I’d be a liar if I said that I wasn’t a little worried about what I will be wearing. However, with Johnny’s help, I feel so confident that everything I ordered will look great and I truly believe that because of his reassurance. When it comes to any type of clothing, Johnny and I have very specific tastes and we each know right away whether we like something or not. We are also excellent at shopping for each other so it’s hard to second guess something that I found that we both think would be ideal for our big day.

I loved being able to online wedding shop with my fiance as well as show our findings to my mom for her opinions too! I am really looking forward to all of my pieces arriving so I can see the vision that we came up with come to life and be one step closer to getting married. ❤

Where did you shop for your wedding? What were your wedding colors? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Vintage Style Hair Piece Craft

Vintage Style Hair Piece Craft

Helloooo everyone and happy Tuesday! Earlier this month I ordered a black beanie that had a fishnet veil attached to it off of Amazon. Unfortunately, when it came in the mail last week I discovered that the veil on the beanie was torn in two. I was so disappointed and when I emailed the vendor to request a return she was totally awesome. She gave me a refund on the product and I didn’t even have to send it back to her. Now I was stuck with a defective beanie that I had no clue what to do with. I pondered my options and came up with a solution to make something out of nothing and I am very happy with the results, as you can see from my featured image photo! Let’s discuss the simple steps that it took to make my new Vintage Style Hair Piece Craft:


  • Step 1) Acquire veil. In my case, all I had to do was cut the netting from the beanie. #SCORE
  • Step 2) Find a jewel, feather, hat, or whatever you would like to pin your veil to. The feather and jeweled piece that I used came from an old headband of mine that I wore when my hair was longer. The feathers were attached to a circular elastic band which I don’t care to wear because it makes my hair tuft up in the back. But that’s neither here nor there. #Idigress
  • Step 3) Pin your accessory to your netting. I used two bobby pins to secure my veil to the feathers. One to keep the items attached and one to clip in my hair when I wear it. I know it looks super janky in the pictures because you can so clearly see the bobby pins, but it’s not noticeable in the slightest when it’s in your hair. #pinkiepromise
  • Step 4) Wear. Wow everyone. Repeat. #number1stunner

^^^ Honestly, those directions were so unnecessary. Lol, you guys are all smart and I’m sure you could figure this craft out on your own. But maybe this post will come in handy to those who are not the craftiest, like myself. When I’m not looking a hot wreck, I’ll be sure to post some pictures of me rocking my fun new accessory! OH YOU CRAFTY HUH?!

So there you have it, the easy how to guide for a Vintage Style Hair Piece Craft. I am so pleased with the little spark of inspiration that I had to recycle old items and make them new again. I found an unexpected use for a headband that I haven’t worn in years and a defective purchase. Not bad! What is your favorite craft that you made from a recycled item? Have you made anything similar to my hair piece craft? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah