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Totally Tights

Totally Tights

Hello! During my recent little treat yoself online shopping session, I got some super fun accessories from Urban Outfitters. All of my purchases didn’t ship together, though, and I ended up getting the last of it a few days ago. There is nothing like a bit of online shopping to perk you up and the gift just keeps on giving once it shows up on your door!

The tights you’re about to see from UO may be a small new addition to my accessories collection but they are cuter than I could have ever imagined. So, yes, good things definitely come in small packages! Check it out:


Yes, these most certainly are colorful rhinestoned fishnets and I am completely obsessed! A while back ago, I saw an advertisement for similar tights on Facebook and I remember thinking how cute they were but I didn’t order them. So, when these little beauties showed up during my Urban Outfitters spree, I just had to buy a pair… And a back up one in case the first pair snags. 😉

These tights are absolutely perfect for layering under short shorts and will add an amazing touch of fun to the most simple outfits. And, with bedazzled fishnets you definitely don’t have to go all out. Pair under shorts, throw on a graphic tee and combat boots and hit up your favorite stomping grounds with your friends when it’s safe to do so. These tights will be sure to make a statement during your first outing in a month of Sundays!

What is your favorite funky accessory? Do you have any crazy tights? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

November 1st OOTD!

November 1st OOTD!

Happy first day of November one and all! Today I thought it would be fun to mix some patterns for my OOTD. Usually I’m not too fond of doing this, but practice makes perfect 😉


As usual, here’s the breakdown of the brand and where I purchased all of the items in my outfit:

  • Dress: TJMaxx, Mine
  • Argyle cardigan: Forever 21
  • Tights: Target
  • Booties: Target

I absolutely LOVE my TJ’s dress that I have on today. It’s basically identical to the super cute flowy dresses by Brandy Melville. I bought this dress for a date a few months ago and its ended up being one of my favorites in my collection. I purchased this dress for $14.99 while a Brandy Melville dress goes for about $34. What a steal! The thing I like the most about this outfit and the patterns that I mixed, is that the color palette was cohesive. To me, this made all of the patterns from the dress, cardi, and tights appear to go together. Whereas clashing colors would have made this look appear sloppy. Another thing I wanted to avoid when I pieced this outfit together was patterns that were too loud. It only takes one overbearing pattern to completely destroy an effort of mix and matching. This OOTD is full of sweet surprises, from the heart patterned tights to the lace accents on the booties it all made for a very pretty look once it was all together. This outfit cost me about $70, which is not bad at all. I’m really happy with how one of my first attempts at mixing patterns turned out!

Does anyone have any tips on how to make a sharp mixed patterned look? Do you have any pics of your favorite mix and match outfit? If so, please leave me a comment and let’s chat! Have a fun Saturday! -Sarah