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New (Short!) Black & Champagne Nails

New (Short!) Black & Champagne Nails

Hiii everyone! Yep, you read it right. I got my nails cut down on this past fill! *Gasp* ! My claws were getting long, even for me, so I decided to get them cut nice and short so that I could grow them out again. And, shockingly, I quite like them! They’re not as long as I would like but, for the time being, they are cute as hell. I call them my emo Barbie nails. Take a look and let’s discuss:


The first change that I made besides for the obvious, is that I went to a different salon for this service. My normal stomping grounds, Empress Nails, was getting too damn expensive for me so I went with LT Nails, instead, and will continue going there. It wasn’t the best fill I’ve ever had, but it was thirty dollars cheaper than my last one, so you do the math. I’ll take a not as good experience and a cheaper price over high class pampering and breaking my bank any day.

Although I didn’t necessarily enjoy my time at LT, I think that the tech that I went to was just having an off day. I have been to this salon before and was really satisfied every time except for this one, so I’m not going to hold is against them. And, I do like the way my nails turned out. It took some getting used to, because they are way shorter than normal. But, once they grow out a little, they will be perfect. For now, though, I am loving these dainty, edgy claws! :*)

Have you ever changed salons after going somewhere consistently? What was your reasoning? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


New Black & Champagne Glitter Nails

New Black & Champagne Glitter Nails

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! After ten looooong months of having the same set of acrylics on, I finally got new nails this week. I haven’t had a chance to add my gemstone crosses to the middle fingers because I have absolutely no clue where the super glue stash is in my home. But, I do LOVE the champagne pink accent nails against the harsh black on my new set so take a look and let’s discuss:


Instead of going to my normal salon hang out of Empress Nails to get this set done, I was sort of a traitor and went to LT Nails, instead, which is also close by to my living quarters. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking LOVE my nail tech, Steve. However, he has never put on a set of my acrylics before and I needed to go to someone that I could trust (Not saying that I don’t trust him, but filling nails and applying them is very different.).

I went to Anne at LT Nails all the way back in January to get my last set on and I was long overdue for new nails. I noticed during the last fill that I got that my nails were insanely yellow and because they were so brittle, they were cracking and breaking nonstop. It was miserable. Although it took ten months to finally get new nails, I remembered what a great job was done over at LT and scheduled an appointment at the salon with Anne.

In one hour and fifteen minutes, Anne was able to soak off my old set and apply, shape, and polish my new nails. She worked quickly and efficiently and it was definitely a job well done. One thing that Anne did differently than my Empress Nails techies was that she shaped the nail before the acrylic even went on. This made the shape more sharp and precise and definitely saved a lot of time, as well. The nails are not as long as I would like, but they never are when I get a new set so I am looking forward to them growing out!

I will be getting my nails painted black until the day that I die, but I am so obsessed with the bubbly champagne pink accent nails. Lil Red loves nothing more than sweet colors against punk rock black so this accent nail choice is no exception. The color is as pretty as a New Year’s Eve party dress and I love the bronze and silver glitter against the muted blush pink. I would definitely get another color combination like this again for the holiday season and it is easily one of my favorites that I’ve had in a long time.

So there you have it, my New Black & Champagne Glitter Nails! What accent nail color should I get next? What color of nail polish are you wearing right now? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

New Nails!

New Nails!

Hey everyone and TGIF! As you guys know if you follow my stiletto nail saga, I have a wonderful relationship with Vinny, my nail tech. He is such a fantastic friend and a nail wizard but, unfortunately, is now working at a salon closer to his home but way far away for me. I wouldn’t have minded continuing to go to the salon that he worked at previously but I was never happy with how the other technicians working there did my nails when Vinny couldn’t. So, I began the hunt for a new salon to go to.

I searched through Google, asked for recommendations from friends, and turned to Facebook which helped me settle on a salon that’s a whopping two minutes away from my house, LT Nails. For the most part, the salon had excellent reviews and their prices were fair so I figured that I would give it a shot. I’ve been itching to get new nails for a while now as I’ve had the same set since the beginning of November so the technician at LT hooked me up with these little beauties:


Now, wait, something appears to be missing…My middle finger crosses perhaps? Yeah. I honestly wasn’t sure if the salon even had airbrushing because it wasn’t advertised on their price menu and also the lady who did my nails kind of scared me. But, that’s no big deal, I’ll snag some nail art pens or something elsewhere and draw the crosses on myself because how hard can it be?!

Anyways, I’m really happy with how my nails turned out, especially because they’re longer than the old set that I had taken off. I wanted them long enough for them to still feel like talons but short enough to be functional and I think that this was a good in between length. But, I am secretly looking forward to them growing out a little!

The one thing that I wasn’t too thrilled about at LT asides from my fingers getting stabbed quite a few times was that they charged five dollars extra for all services involving long nails. I mean, okay, I get it because they do take more time but I had never been to a salon or even heard of one doing that before which was a little annoying. So, now I’m on the great debate of continuing to go to LT when I need a fill or going to my old salon to see if a tech that I haven’t been to before could potentially do a good job. Oh, what a tangled web we weave!!

But, regardless, my new nails still look really good which is all that matters, I guess! Who else likes to sport stiletto nails? What is one of your favorite nail polish colors to wear? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah