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Nail Polish Party

Nail Polish Party

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! Thanks to Influenster, I got to try out Sinful Colors’ limited edition Bling It On collection in Teal Midnight. Usually, I’m not fond of nail polish colors if they’re not black so I was a little ambivalent to paint my nails. Unfortunately, once the polish was on my gut reaction of “I’m not going to like this” was right because I really didn’t like it! Take a listen to a cute Lady Gaga song dedicated to the mani and then let’s discuss:


It’s not that I don’t mind other colors so much as the fact that this was a glitter polish which is a big fat “no” in my book. Had this been a plain old deep teal sans the glitter, I probably would have liked it a lot but as a rule of thumb I really just don’t do glitter of any kind whether it be on lotion, nail polish, or clothing. It’s not my style and it never will be so in all honesty, I feel super weird having this polish on!

I had to put on three coats of the polish just to make it fully cover my nails and even then you can still see through the coat and onto my nails. I guess as a top coat this polish would be okay but you still would need at least two coats to fully cover your nail in glitter. I was actually a bit disappointed in the quality of this polish because I have seen glitter polish that works very well. Because this polish is so thin in comparison to other glitter polishes that I’ve seen it made the application more annoying than pampering.

As a top coat, I do recommend Sinful Colors’ “Teal Midnight” from their Bling It On collection but as a polish alone I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m very unhappy with how they look and even if glitter polish was my thing, I still would be disappointed over the polish quality. Thankfully, Influenster provided me with nail polish remover pads, too, so hopefully those will get the job of taking the polish off done!

It was a kind of sad Nail Polish Party to say the least but I do want to thank Influenster for allowing me to try the product! What is your go to shade of nail polish? What nail polish color would you not be caught dead in? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Monday Update: Let Me Take A Selfie Edition

Monday Update: Let Me Take A Selfie Edition

Hi everyone and welcome to another week here on lifewithlilred! I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend. Mine was busy but good, thanks for asking! As you guys know, I recently worked a new pair of specs into my wardrobe so it only seems appropriate to post some actually satisfactory selfies in which I’m donning my new frames. Take a look and don’t mind the dog fur on my jacket too much:


I absolutely took these pictures while in my mom’s car and I regret nothing. However, I was getting pretty antsy because we were nearing the end of our drive back home from glasses shopping for her and I STILL couldn’t take a “good” picture. 1) I looked a hot mess in most of them and 2) my mom drives like a maniac so the bumpy ride was definitely not ideal for selfie taking! Luckily, we ended up stopped at a pretty lengthy red light so best believe your girl found her lighting Top Model style and posed and snapped away until the light turned green!

These pics definitely beat the duck face featured in one of my previous Monday Updates and I haven’t posted any new shots in a while so I figured this week’s Monday Update would be the perfect time to do so! I post 99% more pictures of me on my personal Facebook page so please don’t be afraid to follow me or shoot me a friend request so you can keep up to date on all of my statuses and picture posts! I’m not the best at updating my page for lifewithlilred but a like on there is always nice, too! ALSO, pretty please click my Twistfire ads so I get paid! 🙂

If you happen to visit my Facebook or blog this week, you’ll be seeing a lot of Influenster related posts because I was lucky enough to be selected to try out their #bloombox for testing purposes! I’m so excited to try out all of the new goodies that I received and I can’t wait to share my reviews on them. Definitely be on the lookout for Influenster posts and do check their website out because it’s a lot of fun – beauty blogger or not!

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Let Me Take A Selfie Edition! Does anyone else use Influenster? What is one of the coolest products that they sent you to test? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah