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This Old Thing

This Old Thing

Hello!! A fun fact about me that shocks many people is that, at almost twenty-seven years old, I have never owned a smartphone. Rather, I have been steadily rocking a slide up or flip phone for the past thirteen or so years. This is pretty uncommon for someone who works in the social media field but I have stood by my signature catchphrase of “when keyboard phones are no longer made, you can call me on the landline” for over a decade. As you can see, I am pretty old school and this is my current model:


My whole reasoning behind never owning a smartphone is that I fail to see the point of having immediate internet access wherever I go. Pre-pandemic, I would gain inspiration for my daily blog posts by being out and about and seeing what catches my eye and that would be hard to do if I were scrolling through social media instead of observing and enjoying my surroundings. I also never want to be the friend who is constantly on my phone when I am hanging out with someone. My phone allows me to call and text and that is really all I have ever needed especially because all of my blog pictures are just taken using my iPod Touch.

I have always had a low maintenance “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” approach to technology. However, I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be nice to have a better camera and an Instagram! I just discovered that if I wanted to use the Like To Know It program for my viewers to shop my outfits that I would need an Insta if I don’t want to upgrade to a business plan on WordPress. I am super interested in Like To Know It and don’t necessarily want to change my current plan on WordPress so a smartphone might be the next logical move.

For now, I am fine with the phone that I have had since I was like fourteen lol and I enjoy the novelty of having an actual keyboard to text with. It’s actually a major step for me to even consider wanting a smartphone but I will definitely think more about it if any of you would be interested in shopping my style! So please let me know in the comments and I will stay using Johnny’s phone for OOTD pictures in the meantime. 🙂

What kind of phone do you have? What is your approach when it comes to technology? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

The Tech We Simply Can’t Live Without

The Tech We Simply Can’t Live Without

In a world where it seems like there is a new iPhone coming out every other weekend, it can be hard to keep track of all of the latest amazing technology that is available. Here are some of the top “must haves” for the tech savvy 2016-er. Take a look:

The Tech We Simply Can’t Live Without:

Do you ever watch really old movies and wonder how on earth they survived without having a smartphone? It’s really hard to imagine needing only a roof over your head and a well in your garden! Life today can seem like a world away from how things were just thirty years ago, before the internet. But it’s not just our online lives that rely on tech. Our home life is pretty dependent on it too:

Smart TV: TVs have been around for decades, but these days, they need to be able to connect to the internet. After all, how would we access all our favorite shows through services like Netflix? Then, of course, are all those cute YouTube videos of kittens chasing laser lights and puppies falling over their tails. TVs are bigger than they’ve ever been, but how we use them has changed a lot over the years.

My family actually just recently indulged in a Smart TV and, I must say, it is fantastic. The convenience of being able to connect to Netflix with the literal touch of a button and binge watch your day away is heavenly. Our Smart TV came just at the right time – when I was binging on Breaking Bad. With the Smart TV handy, I was able to complete the entire series during my two week summer break from school/work. Impressive? Kind of. A little sad? TOTALLY! 😉


Image courtesy of Flickr

Smart Phone: A lot of tech is ‘smart’ these days, but none quite so smart as our humble mobile phone. Many of us have our entire lives on these little devices. Almost all of our communications are done on them, online and offline. You can work remotely, video call with friends on the other side of the world, and take photos for your blog. Apps like those at https://play.google.com/store/apps make it all happen. There are thousands to choose from. Being so dependent on these little babies can definitely make your stomach drop when you realize you left it at home!

Wireless Headphones: Cords and cables used to be everywhere. They were hanging out of the back of your TV. They were running riot from your modem. And they tethered you to your music player or phone. Now everything is wireless and that includes the headphones you use to listen to media and music. Websites like www.dextroaudio.com specialize in reviewing the latest models. You can get headphones, earbuds, and headsets to suit you.

GPS: Gone are the days of pulling over to the side of the road to unfold a paper map. No longer do we need to purchase a new map book publication every year. With GPS, everything is updated and accurate all the time. It knows where you are and where you’re going. It will verbally tell you all of the turns you need to take to get there, too. It’s like having the world’s best map reader with you for every journey you take. Of course, map reading skills aren’t quite what they used to be!

GPS is a Lil Red must have. I am the most directionally challenged gal on the planet. Thanks to no sense of direction, I am extremely dependent on my GPS. It is the best for helping me to get to different meet up areas with friends as well as assist me with the traveling that I do for my job. Thank goodness for it because I don’t think that I will be learning how to read a map any time soon!


Image courtesy of Flickr

Fitness Band: Whether you have a pedometer or just a band around your wrist, you know how many steps you’ve covered. There aren’t many people that leave them behind when they go for a long walk. Each of them hooks up to an app on your smartphone to detail your progress each day. Some will buzz you to remind you to get moving while others sit passively around your wrist fitting awkwardly in with your outfit. These things are the beginning of highly functional wearable tech. Are they just a fad, or the most essential tech in your life?

With new advances being made in technology daily, who knows what the newest tech must have will be? What is one piece of tech gear that you can’t live without? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah