New Hair, Who Dis?

New Hair, Who Dis?

Hellooo everyone! Now, we all know that “Life is better in red” but I found out that blondes do have more fun. Well, I’m having half more fun anyways! I have been hinting at a hair change for a while and I finally was able to get to the salon so my hair guru, Anna, could work her magic. I always thought that I would look really cute with yellowy blonde hair and my hunch was correct. Behold, the glory of my new “convertible” half red and half blonde hair:


Convertible hair is honestly the most accurate term for my new do because it is the most versatile style I have ever had. Literally any way I fix my hair in the morning could be a little or vastly different than how it was worn the day before. Hell, I could have a different hair style for every hour of the day! How cool is that?

To achieve the blonde half of my hair, Anna bleached it for an hour. I have never had my hair bleached before so we had no idea what was going to happen. And, of course, we both understand the importance of being safe than sorry. Thankfully, my bleached half still feels and looks very healthy!

After washing the bleach out, the toner was applied to give my hair the yellowy hue that I was after. The ultimate goal is a bright mustard yellow and I will be going back in a month to get that taken care of. I can’t wait! I plan on having Anna help keep me blonde until I am more educated about it but I will continue to dye the red part at home. There’s nothing better than a trip to the salon so even getting half of your hair dyed is a treat. 😀

I am so proud of myself for embracing a brand new style after the same old for what seemed like forever. My confidence is through the roof and I’m already thinking of what color I want to compliment my red next. I’m thinking pink! ❤

What is your favorite salon treatment to get? Have you recently embraced a new look? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Love half and half looks ! And yes being blonde is pretty fun . People honestly thought I was a new person and that my fiance got a new girl😂😂 And it was only just because I was transitiong to a new color .


  2. This style is super cool!!
    Would love to tell you what exciting hair I got, but honestly I get my mother to cut it, and since it it always either braided or in a bun it doesn’t even matter if it is cut evenly.
    Truly The epitome of a lazy hair life🙈😂🤷‍♀️


  3. Your new hair colour looks super cute and really suits you. I really do need to get my butt into gear and decide on what colour I want to dye mine – I’ve been procrastinating for nearly 4 years after deciding that black is too harsh for me these days! Fortunately I have dreads so the regrowth hasn’t looked bad and since I cut two foot off the length, I’m more virgin hair than dyed so the red and coppery ends look deliberate. 😂 I’ve done red, purple and black to death so am tempted to go platinum as that’s about the one colour I haven’t dyed my dreads. It would also mean fun times with temporary pastels and bright colours. Maybe you could write a post on what inspired your change and how to go about deciding on a new colour. I’d be really interested in reading more about your hair adventures.


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