Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Hello! For those of you who don’t know, I am an independent provider and work with people with special needs. The services provided through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities are considered essential and I have still been going to work Monday through Friday. Going to work has now consisted of just staying at each client’s home instead of getting them out and about in the community. And, no matter where I am, I’m still just as bored as if I was in my apartment. Lol, we all are!

I am sure many providers have said the same thing. I mean, there’s only so many movies you can watch, games you can play, and crafts you can complete until there is literally nothing left. So, my county’s board of Developmental Disabilities held a donation drive to help provide us with some new activities for our clients.

Last week, a reusable bag full of goodies was left on my parent’s porch. When I opened in up, I was so surprised to see all of the following:


Something new is always exciting and I’m looking forward to sharing all of these treats with my clients. There seems to be something for everyone I work with in my care package and I am so thankful for such a generous and thoughtful gift. I definitely feel a new found pep in my step when it comes to going to work. Because, let’s be honest, I think everyone who is still working right now doesn’t really want to! But, I just know I’ll have some great days on the job ahead and that is a wonderful change of pace! 🙂

How are you helping your community during this crazy time? What helps keep you occupied at home? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  2. Thank you Sarah for being on the front line. Your care package looks awesome. It’s very scary going out nowadays although sometimes it seems surreal as if it never happened until you go to the grocery store being reminded by the employees in masks, plastic windows put up between the customer and cashier. I feel like I’ve fast-forwarded into the future.
    As far as staving off boredom I don’t really have a problem with that. I’m 61 and my husband is 5 years younger than me. We can’t work so we were already used to staying home. I fill in my time sitting at my computer, cooking, housework. I live in a building that has 28 apartments so we are not totally isolated.
    I do keep my son and his family in mind. My son has 2 little boys aged 3 and 4 soon to turn 4 and 5 this August. keeping little ones happy can be so exhausting as we all know. When I got my stimulus check I went and sent them fake mustaches, sunglasses, air gliders, and 2 pillows that look like sprinkle donuts. My son collects unique coffee mugs so I bought one that looks like a camera lens. For the daughter-in-law a pair of pink and black socks that says Saving The World at the toes.
    My reward was a photo of my grandsons grinning up at me which is on my wall now. I think the worst problem I have is trying to fit everything I want to do in the time I’m awake. I love my movies and TV so that takes up some time.
    Sorry, this is such a long comment, you got me thinking! Take care out there, stay safe!


    • Aw thank you so much for the lovely comment, you remind me so much of my mom! She is always looking for sweet ways to surprise her children and grandchildren, too.
      And all of your kind words are so appreciated, being an “essential” employee right now is nothing short of stressful and I’m looking forward to taking a week off next week for a staycation before my boyfriend’s furlough is over! Take care ❤

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