Azure Lux Rose Gold Sparkling Oil Serum

Azure Lux Rose Gold Sparkling Oil Serum

Hiiii everyone! For all of my skin care needs, I frequent the beauty aisles at TJMaxx, which shouldn’t be that surprising! I enjoy trying out new products and will always add a new serum, moisturizer, or face mask to my stock pile if it looks good and the price is right. I use a serum every day before applying my eye cream and moisturizer, and I really feel that no skin care routine is complete without it. So, when I’m scouring the beauty section at TJ’s, my eyes are always peeled for a new serum to try.

During one of my last shopping trips to Heaven On Earth, AKA TJMaxx, I ended up purchasing the serum seen below. How do you say no to rose gold?! Check it out:


Delightfully reminiscent of the Too Faced Better Than Birthday Sex’s glitter pink packaging and advertising all of the right things for skin care, it was impossible to say no to this Azure Lux serum. Rose gold is perfectly on trend along with all of the necessities that this serum offers: toning, hydrating, and wrinkle reducing. Along with the oh so snazzy flecks of twenty-four karat gold and rose hip (Which is so hot in skin care right now!), six dollars for an entire bottle of serum felt like I was getting away with robbery.

Because I refuse to start a new product while I’m finishing up an old one, I haven’t tried this serum out yet. But, I was so curious about it, that I sampled the serum on my hands and it was AWESOME. It was fun to see the gold flecks on my skin, but it was even better to feel like my hands were one hundred and fifty percent hydrated. This serum absorbed quickly and my skin instantly got a burst of moisture that I feel like I couldn’t get from an actual hand lotion. So, just imagine using it on your face! I can’t wait! 😀

What kind of serum do you use? Which products are essential to your skin care routine? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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