Rabbit Owners: HELLLLLP!!!

Rabbit Owners: HELLLLLP!!!

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! For those of you who don’t know, I desperately want a pet rabbit. A black, female, Netherland Dwarf bunny to be specific. For the past year or so, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting my very own, adorable, precious pet and now I feel like I’m ready to take the plunge and welcome a sweet little girl home. I live in Akron, Ohio but I am willing to travel up to two hours to a reputable rescue group, as it’s very important to me that my lil furball is a rescue. If anyone has any groups in mind, as well as tips for the new rabbit owner – PLEASE LET YOUR GIRL KNOW!!

THANKS!!!!! ❤

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  1. I own a rabbit, a lionhead male, and his name is Sparks. He is my life. Some tips: Rabbits need leafy dark greens as food every day. Always supply them enough hay to munch on as they please. Don’t leave a rabbit in a cage all day, make sure they get enough playtime every day, it keeps them alive longer and healthier. My rabbit is a free roam bunny, and he is a joy. Rabbits need to chew to keep their teeth shorter, make sure to supply all kinds of chew toys and toys in general to keep your little one happy. Water should always be filtered, because calcium in water is bad for them. NEVER use scented wood chips for cages, it can kill them. I use a non-scented and non-dyed paper mixture for his potty bin. Make sure to always brush your rabbit weekly, ingesting too much hair is bad for them because they can’t spit it back up like cats and dogs. It can kill them. I HIGHLY recommend getting him/her spayed/neutered around being 5 months or up. Cancer is too common in rabbits and if you want your little one to live past age 3-4 then do this, it prevents it more.

    Hmmm, what else can I say, here is a channel that is super informative and she gives great tips for rabbit owners: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUSfEor0VihlL4fMt-VlLgQ/videos

    Best of luck!

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  2. Do you have Instagram? I can repost that you’re looking for a rescue bunny.They feature IG pages of bunnies that are rescued, even bunnies who are in need of medical care and have been adopted like Ginny, the cute bunny with a head tilt. I love rabbits myself. I even follow a bunny IG page lucky_the_ bun.


  3. I have a houserabbit called Pebble he’s a dwarf mini lop and he brings me so much joy and happiness! Rabbits are super intelligent, Pebble knows when its his bedtime and hops back in his hutch at 8pm daily (so cute!) He was really easy to train, and so friendly with everyone. Rabbits are very greedy, so they can get overweight quite easily, but try not to give in to those loving eyes. I tend to buy natural organic products for Pebble https://www.rosewoodpet.com/small-animal/treats-food-bedding/naturals-treats- linked here- and you can get bedding and stuff from here too. I’d suggest as well getting some fly repellent spray by the brand Johnson to spray around the rabbits bum area- whether its an inside or outside bunny. A rabbit is such a loving pet to have- hope this helps a bit 🙂 xxxxxxx


  4. This isn’t remotely helpful but my dad used to have all sorts of rabbits. Dwarfs, lops, chinchillas but mostly rexes. We had a male Rex that used to push a soccer ball around the backyard. I just realized I can’t remember his name anymore. Rabbits are awesome.


  5. Hi! I currently own two bunnies – a mini-lop and a larger crossbreed – and have owned rabbits all my life, so I’d like to think I’m pretty experienced in this field!

    The most important thing I would say is that rabbits are not solitary animals, and prefer to live in pairs/groups. They need a big hutch/cage so that they can exercise, and frequent access to a larger area, like a garden, is even better. This gives them space to run around and binky – and if you haven’t seen a bunny binky before, it’s a must! It’s a big jump they do when they’re excited, but they sort of twist their bodies mid-flight which looks kind of odd, but it means they’re super happy ☺️

    This website has a lot of useful info on housing, diet, and social needs, but I’d be quite happy to answer any questions personally if that will help you!



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