New Dress Success

New Dress Success

Hi everyone and happy Monday! I had a super fabulous Target haul this weekend and as your typical basic gal named Sarah, I went shopping there BOTH Saturday and Sunday haha smh. So this week, you guys will be hearing a lot about my purchases for a super reasonable price and if you love what I got, you can hit up your local Target and we can be twinsies. Ayyyy.

ANYWAYS, I had a really bad hankering these past few weeks to buy all of the things. As the seasons change, I always feel like my shopping is justified so that I can work in new weather-appropriate pieces into my wardrobe. At Target, I was on the hunt for some fun in the sun clothes like maxi dresses, skirts, and cute little mini dresses. But, with Sarah being Sarah, of course I ended up with a black and white Wednesday Adams dress, instead. Lol, take a look and let’s discuss:


^^^ SO CUTE!

This dress is from Victoria Beckham’s recent line that she created for Target. To be frank, it looks like it didn’t do all that well because everything from the collection was marked down. But hey, it worked in my favor and I am so not complaining! I got this pretty little number for a whole twenty-five bucks, which I thought was such a steal.

I’ll be honest, I was pretty nervous trying this dress on because all they had was extra smalls and larges and I just wanted it to work SO badly. I am in that unfortunate spot between extra small and small. It really just depends on the clothing being tried on and from what store so depending on where I am, I can fit comfortably into either size.

While in the fitting room, I just had to take a deep breath and slip into the dress and thank freaking GAWD it fit! I wouldn’t say that the dress was a body con style by any means but it definitely laid closely to my body, which was just great because I never think to wear seamless panties when I’m shopping. So here I am in the dressing room with this gorgeous dress on and the literal WORST underoo seam lines ever. Lol, thank goodness that the Victoria’s Secret seamless panties work wonders for that awkward misfortune. -_-

I have always wanted a dress that looks like my new one from the Victoria Beckham line but I was never overly impressed with any of the ones that I’ve tried on in the past. I’ve noticed that this style of dress seems to be made baggier instead of form fitting and that just doesn’t work for my body type. The fact that this dress shows off my figure instead of trying to hide it is so fabulous to me. And the cute little rabbit decals on the collar had me sold the moment that I saw it.

This dress is going to be absolutely perfect for date nights or evenings out with the girls at a classy (not college student infested!) bar. I can’t wait to pair my new dress with a really fun pair of heels to offset the black and white palette, a red lip, pompadour hair, and a moto jacket for those chilly nights. Hello, sweet rocker chic!

My New Dress Success may not have been exactly what I set out for while shopping but, regardless, I am SO happy about it! You can shop the Victoria Beckham collection both in stores and online if you love this pretty baby as much as I do! How do you style a date night look? What is the best style of dress for your body type? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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      • Well atm it’s spring so you get warm days but you get a lot of days where you need a jumper! Summer varies. It can get really hot but over the years our summers don’t last as long. But it can be like 90’s☺ How about where you are xx


      • I’m in the US in Ohio and the spring time varies. We’ve had some 80 degree days but this past week it was in the 40s and 50s. During the summer, however, we remain pretty steadily warm ranging from the 70s to 90s. I’m not too fond of summer though so I don’t really care lol I hate being hot!

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      • Haha I like heat but British heat is a bit humid. Makes me feel a bit sick😂 Does it get cold in Ohio winter time? Most of my wardrobe is suited to cold weather lol x


      • Ooooh I hate that. Humid heat is the worst! And yes, Ohio winters are FRIGID – well they used to be really bad. Ohio winters used to stay steadily from 0 to 30 degrees but thanks to global warming our winters have become a lot more tame. We’ve had 60 degree winter days this past season! How about in the UK? And also samesies – but that’s mainly because fall and winter clothes are my favorite!!

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      • It’s a weird humid heat too. Other countries don’t make me feel sick if it’s hot but our weather does. Oh wow! Ours have been mild past couple of years. Can be 0-3 degrees daytime, colder at night. Can be -14 sometimes or so the car temperature says😂 I like summer dresses if I’m floating around on holiday otherwise I prefer layers☺ x


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