Simple Changes For Better Spring Cleaning

Simple Changes For Better Spring Cleaning

Famously, around this time of year many people often go to work on cleaning their houses as good as possible. Of course, in real life you need to do this much more often, but it is still worth having one really deep clean around this time of year. Even if it is just to make yourself feel better in the home, it is totally worth it. If you do it right, you will probably find that everyone who lives there is much more relaxed and able to feel comfortable in the new found cleanliness, so for that reason alone it is worthwhile. If you are about to embark on your own spring cleaning project, make sure you bear the following in mind for a better, cleaner result:

Declutter First: To clean your house in the best way possible is to be logical about the order in which you do it. This means that you should make an effort to clear anything that doesn’t need to be there first. Decluttering is something that people often skim over, thinking that they are doing it right, when actually their methods are not anywhere near as effective or lasting as they could be. Consider that, although it is perfectly fine to simply stow things away in clever storage spaces, it is even better to get rid of anything that you might be able to part with. You might choose to sell such belongings or give them away to charity; either way, this is a much better long-term solution to your space problems.

Deep Washing: The main thing to remember about spring cleaning is that it needs to be as deep as possible. This will probably mean, in most circumstances, that you will need to use equipment and tools which are different than the ones you normally use. If you are used to using usual household products, then you might want to think about trying to use something different for your spring cleaning. For example, getting your hands on a decent pressure washer to clean the carpets with is likely to be a great idea, as it will pick up dirt that you didn’t even know was there! If you have never used one before, don’t worry – you can learn more about pressure washers here before you start!


^ So thankful for my dryer!

Room By Room: Another major mistake that people make is to clean the whole house in one go. This might seem to make sense, but it is much more effective on the whole if you simply go from room to room, fully cleaning each one as you go. You need to make sure that you are happy with one room before moving on to the next, as this is how you can ensure that you have cleaned all of the necessary areas as deep as possible. With any luck, you won’t need to do so again for quite a long time. Now, get to spring cleaning!


Looks like a successful spring clean to me!

Featured Image By: Pexels


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