How To: Creating A Garden Indoors

How To: Creating A Garden Indoors

If you live in a city, green spaces can be hard to find. The noise and pollution that is part of our day to day life shouldn’t follow us home. Our homes should be a place of rest and recuperation. At home we should be able to let go of the stresses of the day and enjoy some healthy and happy quiet time. With all this in mind, it makes sense to have a garden in our homes! There are so many benefits to having plants and nature-inspired items in our house, and it can be so easy to create an indoor garden. Keep reading for some inspiration…



What Are The Benefits? It may sound like an eccentric concept, but creating a garden indoors actually has lots of benefits. Living in close proximity to plants and flowers can help us to feel more at ease with our surroundings, less anxious, and more relaxed. Plants also add something interesting and stimulating to look at and care for in our homes. These factors all contribute to our overall well being and can make us happier and less stressed. There is even some evidence to suggest that plants can create an improved learning environment.

One of the other benefits of having plants indoors is that they help with breathing and purifying the air. Plants release oxygen during photosynthesis, which increases oxygen levels in the home. The process of photosynthesis also produces moisture vapor. This is good news as the humidity in the air increases, meaning less dry skin, colds, and sore throats.

How to Create an Indoor Garden: Creating a garden indoors is no mean feat. You’ll have to invest time and money into your project, but the results will be well worth it. It is possible to grow plants indoors with LED grow lights. LumiGrowth has a great guide to the best lights to buy and how to use them. Once you’re set up and growing plants indoors, you can move on to the other garden features.

Most gardens contain some kind of pathway, decking, or patio. Bring some stone into your home to give the feeling of a garden path. Statement walls are a great place to incorporate stone or around a fireplace if you have one. For a cheaper alternative, buy some stone statues or ornaments to place around your home. You can even place some smooth stones around your house as a quirky accessory. For a more practical approach, use smooth stones as doorstops instead.

Another key aspect of a garden is well tended grass. Now I’m not suggesting you bring grass indoors, but use the color green where you can to add some bursts of nature. You don’t have to take this too literally either. Rather than painting the walls green, create a little herb garden in the kitchen. Simply line up fresh herbs in pots on a windowsill and watch them grow! They will help you create an indoor garden, and will make an awesome addition to your meals!

Featured Image By: Pixabay

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