Fashion From India To Singapore

Fashion From India To Singapore

Hello hello and welcome to a poignant and thoughtful post by my friend Lakshmi from The Rink. Spring is always connected to transformation and new life. In this personal excerpt from Lakshmi, she discusses the metamorphosis of her personal style after she moved from India to Singapore. Miss Lakshmi has been featured here on lifewithlilred before and I absolutely love working with her. I encourage all of you to check out her page and get to know her because she is such a doll and a talented writer, to boot!

Fashion From India To Singapore

I used to live in a small city in the conservative South India and went on to the developed island nation of Singapore. There were so many differences that I saw…from the small things like food, the way they dress, and basically everything! A small introduction to Singapore is Mini-America – in terms of how the culture is. People from other countries come as immigrants, become citizens, and embrace their unique culture. It is true that there are lots of South Indian families, but somehow, they have adapted to Singapore in such a way that they had accepted a different more accommodating lifestyle. So, even though I could relate to them, it stopped to some extent. This changed in a matter of time. Why, my fashion sense actually evolved there!

Revealing Clothes: The first thing that I noticed was how the girls would flaunt their exposed skin! They felt free and not a soul leered at them or judged them for the way they dressed. I knew that it marked the beginning of my transformation from being a girl from a conservative city to a girl in the open world! Gradually, I started wearing shorts and letting the outside world know that my change had begun. I stopped caring about what others thought of me and my style and it was all about whether I liked the outfit or not. I had the choice to wear any outfit I liked. I had the choice to expose skin…It was crazy!

Styling Up The Daily Outfit: Back in my city, my daily outfit would be a round-neck shirt or a regular top with a pant or skirt. I never thought much of it and that was it. Other than the regular pair of earrings and a watch, I wore absolutely no accessories! I was never interested in accessorizing my outfits. However back then, I was no fool when it came to dressing at that point – my outfit would have always been well suited and matched. Nevertheless, it just improved when Singapore entered my life! I got a better insight into style by just looking at my Singaporean friends. They wore their accessories in a simple yet elegant fashion and it looked so chic. The proper jacket or a perfect belt sure does make a huge difference!

Keeping Up With The Trends: Speaking of accessories, I was in Singapore during the rise of choker chains. For a long time, I did debate on buying one and giving it a shot but I always felt that it was going to choke me to death! Hahaha! There was this one day when I felt like I had to experiment with this style and tried it on – it looked classic and it was like my neck’s guard and it really didn’t choke me. With instances like this, Singapore had soon become a place where I experimented with the styles and current trends. And guess what? I wasn’t alone in this endeavor – all my friends did this from time to time!

Singapore brought about great changes in my wardrobe, but the best part is that I always retained my love for Indian fashion (especially the Indian prints). This was also the period when Indian fashion designers rose to bigger and international platforms, and they started tweaking Indian clothes to accommodate western styles. The timing couldn’t have been better! Fashion from India to Singapore didn’t change me or my identity over the course of time – it became another dimension of my life.


^^^ Thank you so much again to Lakshmi for creating this post special for lifewithlilred! Please be sure to check out her page and give it some love! How has your sense of style developed over time? Can you relate to Lakshmi’s story at all? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

To close out my Think Spring guest bloggers series, the lovely Nida from Shopaholic Blogs will be featured on my page tomorrow!

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  1. Fashion and Style has a life of its own. As we grow, we are daring and young, stylish sexy and chic. As we move on we become classy and riveting…. Fashion so very much expresses the phases of our lives and the emotions and confidence we have to express who we are on the inside and who we show we are to the outside world!To be a completely honest woman with integrity…. You should be able to tell by looking at a women who she is on the inside by how she chooses to adorn the outer. Of, course, this is my opinion only after traveling many miles upon this earth.

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