Getting A Puppy VS Adult Dog

Getting A Puppy VS Adult Dog

If you are thinking seriously about expanding your family by four furry paws, then you’ll be wondering whether it’s best to go for a brand-new puppy or a rescue animal. It’s a big decision and it’s not until you really give it some thought that you’ll realize there are some rather large differences between the two. Puppies are adorable little balls of fur that bring joy with their big, heart-melting eyes. If you take on the responsibility of a new puppy, you’ll be spending a lot of time in that first year with training and behavior. You’ll have to learn about the foods they should and shouldn’t eat. You’ll have to care for them from top to bottom in terms of needs and they’ll have to learn what behavior you accept, which is difficult for new pups!

An adult dog brings just as much joy as a puppy, and comes with the gained knowledge of how to respond to commands. They also come with a little attitude in some cases, where you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Not because they can’t learn new tricks, but because older dogs are wise and sometimes make it more of a challenge for you! You will still have the decision about which dog food manufacturer to choose because even with an adult dog, they can be fussy fur balls that know what they like! You want to give them the best so do some online research first. The positive here is that you can skip that fairly awkward and time-consuming puppy stage. Potty training has happened, teething has happened, and you can go ahead and integrate them into your home gently. So, what questions must you ask yourself?

Time: A puppy requires an awful lot more time than an adult dog. Much like bringing home a new baby, they require almost constant supervision in the first few months of their lives. Teaching them to use the correct space for toileting, obedience, and commands all take up time so make sure that you have time to give before you take a puppy on.

Lifestyle: Do you have the chance to work from home or are you out of the house all day? Sometimes lifestyle changes have to happen to fit a dog into your life and if you are spending eight to ten hours a day away from the home, it’s not fair to the dog. Or to you, really, as you will have the guilt hanging over you by being away so much. Consider an older dog instead of a puppy who can cope with longer periods without you.

Children: If you have children at home, you’ll need to wait a few years before adopting a dog or puppy. Sometimes older dogs can’t get on with children and other times children can’t get on with a new puppy. Older children can have a little responsibility with walking and feeding when they can understand not to yank its tail!


A dog is not something you should rush buying. They’re a pet for life and require careful thought and consideration, not just for what they will need but whether the family can cope with the new addition. Make careful choices and thoroughly research every angle before you go ahead. But when you make your choice, you will be welcoming an amazing new friend and addition into your family.

Featured Image By: Pixabay


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  1. It is amazing how you have managed to combine the serious informativeness of this text with such cute pictures! One of the rare posts which are both thought- and smile-provoking! Thanks for another good read! 🙂

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