Don’t Make These Common Errors With Your Heating System This Winter


At this time of the year, it’s vital to switch on your heating system. After all, the weather is freezing so you need it on to ensure that your family stays nice and toasty. However, a lot of people make errors when it comes to their heating system and they pay the price when their bill arrives. Here are some common errors people make with their heating system so that you can avoid them!

Not Getting it Checked out Before Switching it on: It’s easy to turn on your heating system and then walk away without a second’s thought. But do you know if your system is working efficiently? A lot of people end up regretting not getting it checked out before. Therefore, before you switch on your heater, you need to make sure you get the heating system checked out by a professional. They will check for any problems and will make sure that you won’t end up with a high bill. Also, in between maintenance appointments, make sure you are changing your air filter which can become clogged up with dust over time which restricts the airflow. And as this feature explains, the longer it goes on, it will be harder to keep your home at the right temperature.

Setting it to High All Day Long: A lot of people switch their heating system on high during the winter due to the freezing weather. But if you do this, you will end up with an expensive bill. Make sure you get a thermostat installed which will let you adjust the heating during the day. That way, it can be on low when your family is outside of the home. It will stop you from having to set it to high for the whole day. And remember, putting it on high won’t make the furnace heat your home any quicker so be patient with your heating system!

Not Replacing it When Necessary: You need to make sure that you are replacing your old heating system when it’s past its sell-by date. Furnaces tend to last around 18 years, but if you are noticing problems, it might be time to get a new one. Safety for your family is paramount in this situation. You can find lots of information online about new systems available such as on There are even some great high-tech options which would be perfect for your family!

Not Making Sure the Doors and Windows are Air Sealed: It can be frustrating when your home seems to be freezing even though your heating is on. But rather than turning the heating higher (it will cost a fortune), you should ensure that your doors and windows are properly sealed. That way, no air is escaping during the winter months. You can buy some excellent sealing products from hardware stores. And remember to keep doors closed while the heating is on to retain the temperature. Just don’t forget to keep hoovering as well-sealed doors and windows can cause the air to go stale. As I said before, during this time, you might find more dust in your home.


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***AND: Remember to get a good carbon monoxide alarm put next to your furnace. That way, it will alert you if there is an issue!


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