Snappy Cooking Is The Way To Make The Kitchen Fun Again

Snappy Cooking Is The Way To Make The Kitchen Fun Again

If you love cooking, there’s probably one element of it you’re still never happy with. We’re talking, of course, about the amount of time it takes. Cooking a meal can be a joy, almost as good as eating it. But the amount of time it takes to set up, to clean up, and get things done can be a real pain. In this article, we’ll look at the improvements you can make to keep cooking prompt, fresh, and fun.

Keep Building Your Arsenal: They say poor workmen blame their tools. But in the kitchen, the best tools make a much better workman. Going electronic can be a very easy way to save a lot of time on processes that you’ve been doing by hand. For instance, you might have thought blenders were only for smoothies. Consider a proper hybrid blender featured on places like You’ll find they can do so much more. Sous vide tools can make it a lot easier to carefully prepare those dishes that need precisely controlled, low-temperature water. Updating your knives collection can make it a lot easier to tackle more ingredients, as well. If you really love cooking, it’s worth building up your collection of tools.

Keep Learning New Techniques: Naturally, that’s not to say that your tools are going to be able to do all the work for you. A lot of people will skip or substitute directions for the techniques they already know how to do. For example, instead of dicing onions, they’ll simply slice them instead. Not only is that pretty lazy, but it’s also going to have a different result. Dicing onions releases their flavor, so there is no substitute for them. The more you learn new techniques and practice them, the better you’ll get at them. The better you get at them, the less time they’re going to take you overall. There’s no substitute for practice, so keep it up.

Keep a Better Kitchen: A lot of time spent cooking isn’t actually spent cooking. A lot of it is spent looking for ingredients and equipment you’re sure you have. Then, there’s a lot of time spent on the process of cleaning up, as well. For that first point, you might want to consider adding some new storage options to your kitchen. Sites like  have some great ideas for even the smaller spaces.

A spice rack and a knife block are crucial for keeping order at your workstation. With ceiling hooks, you can hang some of the utensils you use most often just in reach. As for cleaning, the simple tip is to do it as you cook, not after. If you make a little mess, it’s a lot easier to clean it up right after. Don’t leave yourself a whole kitchen to clean at the end.

Basically, the better a cook you become, the easier the whole process. You’ll learn the techniques that make it so much easier to reduce time. You’ll get the equipment that does the same thing you’ve been doing, only a lot quicker. You’ll even have a kitchen that’s better suited to your needs.

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