Graduation Countdown!!

Graduation Countdown!!

Hey everyone and TGIF! According to my handy dandy calendar, I only have TWENTY-SEVEN DAYS LEFT until I graduate. But who’s counting? The answer is ME. I have been literally staring down the clock every day just wishing for time to go by faster so I can tick another day off in my mental countdown. Unfortunately for this Lil Red, time seems to be dragging on for forever during this home stretch period.

I guess this is a good and a bad thing, though. With Christmas just around the corner, it is important for me to incorporate some online or real life holiday shopping into my homework and work schedule. When time really seems to be lagging, I just hop on the computer and check out the latest additions to my normal website stomping grounds. That doesn’t always mean that I’m shopping for other people, though! A combination of boredom and stir craziness always brings me back to sites like ModCloth and TJMaxx so that I can ogle at all things pretty!

I’m glad that this vortex of a twenty-seven day eternity is giving me some time to get my holiday shopping taken care of but, my goodness, I cannot wait for it to be over! Asides from the obvious of the excitement of walking across the stage in the ceremony, I am very excited for my graduation party! My family rarely has get togethers so I am thrilled to be able to host a celebration at my home for little old me!

The afternoon portion of my grad party will take place at Chez Red and will include my family, some former teachers, and my students and their parents from the Special Olympics. Then, in the evening I will be meeting up with my friends at my favorite bar, the Cashmere Cricket! It is going to be such fun, I can’t even handle it. The last get together that I had was for my twenty-second birthday this past summer but prior to that I have literally had nothing so an entire day dedicated to me, me, me is just what I need! (And, don’t tell anyone but I can’t even remember my birthday party so consider my evening out a redo!)

The Graduation Countdown is freaking ON and until it strikes zero, your girl will be freaking out! I hope everyone is having a super fab week and enjoys their weekend. Who has finished their holiday shopping already? What is on your holiday wish list? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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