This Guide Will Help You To Create A Kid Friendly Kitchen


If you have kids, allowing them to help you in the kitchen can have so many benefits. They’ll learn a ton of new skills, have fun, and you’ll both get to bond. However, if you’re going to do this, you need to make sure your kitchen is kid friendly. This guide will help you to create the perfect kid friendly kitchen:

Add A Bright Color: Adding a bright color to the kitchen will make it a lively and more fun place to be for kids. That doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun in a neutral kitchen. You could always use patterns and things to make it pop for them instead. Just remember, you can still have a classy kitchen suitable for adults while making it look fun for kids too. It doesn’t need to look like a play room!

Try Kid Sized Furniture: If you like, you could include a few pieces of child sized furniture. If you like having little helpers in the kitchen and they enjoy helping you, getting them a suitable work surface could actually be a great addition to your kitchen.

Consider Creating A ‘Kid’s Area’: If you do consider adding kid sized furniture, you could always think about making a complete ‘kid’s area’ if you have the room. This could include a blackboard and other accessories that they can use.

Include Fun Accessories: There are so many cool accessories that you can include in the kitchen to make it more fun for kids. How about bright coasters, chopping boards, and other chef kitchen decor? You could also include dress up aprons, tea towels, pastel colored utensils, and so much more!


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Keep Things Organized: Keeping things organized is key if you want to know where everything is, and this will teach your kids to be organized, too. There are lots of ways you can do this. Some people like to make extra use of their cabinets by sticking hooks and things to the inside of the door so that they can hang extra utensils. Not only will this help your kids to become more self sufficient in the kitchen, but it will also teach them the important skills of staying organized and putting things back where they belong.

Lock Away Dangerous Substances: Make sure that you lock away dangerous substances, either in a high up cabinet or with a sturdy lock. If they’re old enough, you should explain to them why they shouldn’t touch these products. It’s all too easy to mistake a colorful bleach bottle for a tasty drink when you’re a child. You should also make sure that it isn’t easy for them to get their hands on lighters, matches, sharp knives, and scissors.

Child Proof Sharp Corners: Make sure that you also take the steps to child proof any sharp corners in the room to avoid injuries. When kids are a certain height, they could very well cut their head open or damage their eyes on a sharp corner. Teach them not to climb up onto high surfaces either and that you don’t give them an easy way to do it!


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