Monday Update: Lil Red Edition

Monday Update: Lil Red Edition

Howdy! I feel like I haven’t updated you guys too much lately on what is going on in the world of Lil Red and let me tell you – my life is a doozey! I have eight weeks left until I graduate from Cuyahoga Community College with my Associate of Arts degree. My full time course load is in combination with three jobs, volunteering for Canine Lifeline, coaching figure skating for the Special Olympics, and still having some semblance of a social life. All the while, I am planning my trip to Europe for the spring of 2017. Holy moly!!

To say that I am ready to graduate is an understatement. Without constant homework, I would still be doing a lot but to add it on top of everything else is getting to be a bit much, to say the least! Naturally, during the home stretch, all I can think of is wanting to do anything but school work! And, of course I had to put off my hardest classes until my very last semester because would I even be a college kid if I didn’t? Sigh.

Every single day for the past eight weeks has brought about new challenges and these following eight weeks are really going to be testing me. I just have to keep thinking about the end goal which is a nice little diploma with my name on it! College life is hard. Work life is hard. And you know what? Right now, life in general is just hard. What I could really use is a nice, long vacation. But, for now, that will be limited to this twenty minute blogging break instead!


^^^ The face of a burnt out college kid. -_-

As you can tell by this Monday Update: Lil Red Edition, I am in the midst of some trying times! So I need all of you to leave me some suggestions on how you deal with your life when everything starts too feel like a bit “too much”. What are some of your best time management tricks? How do you work in time to relax during a jam packed day? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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