Photo Shoot Album (Pt. 2)

Photo Shoot Album (Pt. 2)

Hi everyone and TGIF! I thought that today would be a great day to post the rest of my favorite pictures from my recent photo shoot with Britta Photography. Britta did such an amazing job photographing me which resulted in tons of pics that I’m totally obsessed with. Keep in mind that some, not all, of the pictures that Britta took are featured in part one and two of my Photo Shoot Album. But fear not! If you would like to see all of the pics from the photo shoot as well as additional pictures, statuses, and Twistfire ads I will be posting the link to my Facebook page below! Now, let’s take a look at part two of my Photo Shoot Album:

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^^^ Ahh, I love it!

As aforementioned, if you would like to view the rest of my photo shoot, you can check out my Facebook page (pretty please follow me!). While you’re scanning my profile, please be sure to give lifewithlilred’s page some loving, too! And if you want to be really nice, you can click on my ads compliments of Twistfire Media and help me get paid! As always, if you’re interested in signing up for Twistfire you can email me at:!

So there you have it, my Photo Shoot Album (Pt. 2)! Thanks again so much to Britta Photography for doing such an incredible job! What is everyone up to this weekend? Any big plans? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Love your red pictures. I’m with the last commenter. I love the hair, not on me, but it’s great on you. Perfect coloring! My dad was a photographer, and he always tried to include something red in each photo. It worked! πŸ™‚


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