I’ll Tell You What I Thought, What I Really Really Thought (AHS Episode 3)

I’ll Tell You What I Thought, What I Really Really Thought (AHS Episode 3)

Heyyy everyone and TGIF! The newest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel entitled “Mommy” premiered on Wednesday and now it’s time for my personal opinions on it. There were some things that I loved, some things that I wanted more of, and some things that I didn’t particularly care for, so let’s discuss:

Introduction of Ramona Royal – LOVED: I adore the fabulous Miss Angela Bassett. I think that she’s completely and totally fantastic so I was so pleased that they gave her character an introduction fit for the queen that she is. From the scenes of her campy B-list movies to her kidnapping of Donovan, I thought that it was flawless. I hope that she gives the Countess a run for her money (or lack thereof) because I still can’t get in to Lady Gaga. My fingers are crossed that Bassett gets significant screen time this season to fill the humongous void that was left by my beloved Jessica Lange.


^^^ Yes, I used this meme during last week’s opinion post but it just seemed to fit so well after my J-Lange swan song!

Ten Commandments Killer – Want more of: Detective John Lowe is hunting after a serial killer who murders people who break one or many of the Ten Commandments and I am such a fan of this idea. I think that it’s edgy, I think that it’s cool, and I think that I desperately want this story line to develop more. It seems like in every episode we only get a brief look into a crime scene that the TCK left behind and then that plot twist completely disappears. I think that Ryan Murphy and his sublime team were extremely creative with coming up with ways that people could get killed based off of the Ten Commandments. In episode three, for example, Detective Lowe enters an office building for a gossip magazine and all of the employees have their tongues nailed to whatever surface they are nearest to for “thou shalt not bear false witness”. That’s brilliant, now give me more of it!

The Countess’s sexcapades – Hate: I’M SO OVER IT! And I swear it’s not just me who’s dogging on Lady Gaga because of my personal distaste for her being on the show…Literally 99% of the people who I interact with on social media agree that they’re getting sick of every scene that the Countess is involved in being a sex scene. It’s tacky, it’s cheap, and it’s so overdone that I just can’t deal. I have seen literally no real acting from Gaga since her debut on the show which is why I don’t care for her as the leading lady. Anyone could do what she’s doing right now and I genuinely believe that. As soon as I see some range in the scenes that she’s involved in I’ll definitely have more love for her, but until then, I’m over the hump fest.

“No pity party in my bar!” -Cleopatra (And can I just say that Denis O’Hare does not get enough credit on AHS. He’s SO underrated despite his brilliance as an actor. I think he’s doing a terrific job and I wish Cleo was getting more screen time because I’m kind of obsessed.)

Over all, I thought that “Mommy” was good. Once again, it wasn’t “OMG” worthy, but it was good. Every episode since the premiere has been improving slowly but surely so I’m going to give episode three: three stars.


You can catch me at the same time same place next week for a synopsis and opinions post on the new episode of American Horror Story: Hotel. Until then, what did everyone think of “Mommy”? What did you love? What could be improved on? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. I have only seen the first episode so far but I completely agree I miss Jessica Lange she was my favourite!! And I don’t really think Lady Gaga fits in at all! Also I love the ‘no running in my lobby’ picture haha!! The suite life of Zack and cody! Love it! x


    • lololol YES, I’m so glad you got that picture! I saw it and I was in hysterics! But yeah, I miss Jessica Lange so much it’s ridiculous. Lady Gaga was someone who seemed like a good idea when it was revealed that she would be the main woman on the show but after seeing her week after week I think she should stick to singing! 🙂


  2. I finally watched episode 1. Wasn’t entirely sure at the start but how can you not like Cathy Bates? A tad gruesome in places but otherwise I really enjoyed the first one and looking forward to more. I expected to have nightmares but if I did, I don’t remember them. I agree with beautyandthelook; not sure about Lady Gaga but then that’s because of the association with music and not acting. I’ll get over that.


      • There was a brief moment or maybe three, when I considered switching off. I found it difficult not to compare to the earlier episodes. Waiting for Jessica….


      • lololol YES me too! honestly I felt that way during the recent episodes too, it’s definitely weird not having queen lange on the show :/ but we’ll see, I’m hoping that the halloween epi next week will be awesome and that some of the other worthy actors on the show get more screen time so I don’t have to watch lady gaga have a boink fest every three scenes haha

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      • Ha ha indeed. I really didn’t need to see that at the start, especially not with my son sat in the same room. Not that I’m embarrassed but it just didn’t sit well with me and I’m broad minded.


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