Man Crush Monday: Craig Nicholls Edition

Man Crush Monday: Craig Nicholls Edition

Heyyy everyone and welcome to the newest edition of Man Crush Monday – Craig Nicholls style! The front man of one of my favorite bands, The Vines, has been one of my celebrity crushes since I was ten years old. His eccentric antics and quirky looks stole my heart and I don’t think I’ll be getting it back anytime soon! Take a listen to one of my favorite songs by The Vines and then let’s discuss:

Dear Craig Nicholls,

Oh, Craig. Sweet and a tiny bit over the top Craig. “Ride”, the track I chose to honor you with will always be one of my go to jams. My brother introduced the song to me along with the super cool music video and I was hooked ever since. I have all of the albums by The Vines safely stored on my iPod and I play them frequently to get me hyped for school, auditions, or just running around doing errands. What instantly made me attracted to you was your wild personality. Usually I’m more of a fan of the sensitive, brooding types of guys but there was something special about you. Your blatant “who gives a fuck” lifestyle wasn’t something that you put on for publicity – it was who you are and I really liked that. It was and still is refreshing to see someone in the public eye who refuses to change despite the posh and pristine Hollywood image that’s constantly shoved down everyone’s throats. There are so many things that I love about The Vines but I think my favorite thing about them is your voice! Your slightly stoned and surfer boy vocals are seriously perfect and I can’t get enough! Not only are you amazingly talented but you’re also amazingly handsome! Hubba hubba to you, sir. Your disheveled hair, extreme facial expressions, and pursed mouth that’s constantly dragging on a cigarette rev my engine. You are truly one of my dream men and I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!


^^^ He’s a babe! SHWING!!

So there you have it, this week’s Man Crush Monday: Craig Nicholls Edition! Who is everyone’s #MCM this week? What is your favorite song by The Vines? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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