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August 2019 Funky Time Jams

August 2019 Funky Time Jams

Hellooo! We are already halfway through August and that means I have to take advantage of being able to blast my music with the windows down before the cold weather strikes. And, all things Jack White have been a must because I had the pleasure of seeing The Raconteurs at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, which you will read about at some point soon! Seeing my main man twice in two years has been a #blessed moment and I love him so much that I have a tattoo of his face on my leg so obvi I’m his number one fan! Lol, and I’m sure all of you will be too after listening to him lay it down:

^^^ And, as always, I have no rights to these songs or videos!

I have been a huge all Jack White everything fan since I was young and I can remember being in fifth grade and buying all of The White Stripe’s CDs to listen to on the way to a family vacation. I have always been enthralled with Mr. White from his talent, voice, minimalist style, and staggering good looks. Being able to see him in concert twice is something that I feel so lucky for and there’s really nothing better than being able to see your favorite musicians live and in the flesh.

Sadly, I will never have the opportunity to see the White Stripes in concert as they are broken up. But, seeing two out of the four of Jack’s musical endeavors live is good enough for me. Now, if only I could cross seeing the Dead Weather off my list!

Have you been able to see your favorite musician live? Who would you love to be able to see perform (living, dead, or the band has broken up)? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Woman Crush Wednesday: Alison Mosshart Edition

Woman Crush Wednesday: Alison Mosshart Edition

Hellooo everyone and welcome to the newest edition of Woman Crush Wednesday – Alison Mosshart style!! Here’s the thing…I hate music with female vocalists. Don’t ask me why, I just do. BUT Alison Mosshart is one of the very rare women whose voice doesn’t annoy the living hell out of me, which is why she’s my #WCW. Yes, this makes me sound hella musically sexist. No, I don’t care. Let’s discuss:

Dear Alison Mosshart,

Oh Alison, you little pack a punch powerhouse, I just adore you. “Sour Cherry”, the song I picked to honor you with was the first track I ever heard from The Kills and after that, I was hooked. I loved your edgy, devil may care attitude, along with the ability you had to make your voice go from poppy fun to a rocker howl in no time. Before I knew it, you were becoming my favorite female front woman, which as I mentioned earlier, is quite a rarity. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any better, you surprised me again by becoming the leading lady of one of Jack White’s bands, The Dead Weather. I’ll never forget hearing “So Far From Your Weapon” for the first time. It was dark, bluesy, gruff, and everything that I gravitate towards when I’m looking for new music to play. The vocal ranges you have truly are amazing because you sound great singing any style, which leaves me coming back for more again and again. I could ramble about my adoration of your music for another ten paragraphs but I’d also really like to discuss your gorgeous looks! Hubba hubba, chick – because you’re a stunner! You’re so beautiful no matter what your hair color or your outfit…You could wear a paper bag and still look incredible. You remind me so much of a young Joan Jett and I seriously can’t handle your perfection. I LOVE YOU!!!!!


^^^ Ugh. She’s flawless!!! ❤

So there you have it, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday: Alison Mosshart Edition! Who is your #WCW this week? What is your favorite creative endeavor by my woman crush? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

iTunes Shuffle Challenge

iTunes Shuffle Challenge

Whatsup everyone and TGIF! So for the past two or so weeks I’ve been dedicated to listening to the 7952 songs on my iPod on shuffle in its entirety. I’m five hundred songs in and it has been an absolute blast so far. I’ve rediscovered a love for some long forgotten songs and stumbled upon music that I didn’t even know I had. Here’s a few of the highlights of my shuffle journey so far:

Breathe Carolina – Velvet: Flippin judge me for it. This song came on yesterday when I was in the Little Red Love Machine and I was SO excited about it. Hearing “Velvet” brought me back to my angsty teenage days so I guess it only seemed appropriate that an angsty twenty-one year old played it four times in a row. I don’t care what anyone says, this song is catchy as hell.

The Front Bottoms – Maps: I’ve always adored The Front Bottoms. I think that their sound is so unique and their lyrics speak to my soul – all of them are so raw and nitty gritty and I really dig that. “Maps” actually came on after my binge listening fest of “Velvet” so the shuffle gods were definitely smiling upon me. I would really like to see these guys in concert but for now I’ll just fan girl over the music video which is actually pretty rad. ONE DAY YOU’LL BE WASHING YOURSELF WITH HAND SOAP IN A PUBLIC BATHROOM!!!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Buried Alive (Ft. Dr. Octagon): First things first, I’m a big Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan so I was simply thrilled when “Buried Alive” came on as I was getting ready for the day this morning. Karen O’s voice is intoxicating as usual and Dr. Octagon gives a really unexpected and cool touch to the song. It’s seriously a perfect collaboration and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it. I hope that these two powerhouses do another collab in the future because I think they were really on to something with this track.

Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On: I have a wide range of favorite songs from different genres and “Get Ur Freak On” is definitely one of my hip hop favorites. Missy Elliott can do no wrong in my opinion and her and Timbaland are a creative match made in heaven. My day has been full of great music so far because this track came on as I was looking over some math homework and I legitimately had to stop my studies so I could enjoy “Get Ur Freak On” in all of its glory from my humble iPod. I’m not the biggest music video fan but the video for this song is always fun to watch!

The Black Keys – Your Touch: I didn’t care too much for The Black Keys’ album Magic Potion but I really enjoy this track. There’s nothing better than when a song comes on by the Akron, Ohio duo who hit the big time fresh out of my neck of the woods. It’s so wild to think that they used to play at small venues like Musica in Akron and now they’re winning Grammys and doing the damn thing. #RESPECT!!!

The Dead Weather – 60 Feet Tall: A shout out to a song by The Dead Weather wouldn’t be complete without expressing my love for Jack White, so here it goes: Jack White, you beautiful man, I love you SO MUCH. Anyways, I am so glad that The Dead Weather exists because it might just be one of my favorite musical endeavors by Mr. White. Not only is my dream man in the band but I’ve also always adored Alison Mosshart because I’m a big fan of The Kills. I seriously can’t get enough of her sexy bluesy voice – it’s the definition of perfection. I hate using the word “cool” to describe a band but The Dead Weather is the epitome of a cool as hell rock n’ roll group. I enjoy literally every song by them and “60 Feet Tall” is obviously no exception! So SO good.

We Are Scientists – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt: I used to really like We Are Scientists until I introduced them to my evil ex-boyfriend who cheated on me with a stripper – but that’s neither here nor there. ANYWAYS, after the discovery was made that he was an asshole, I wasn’t in the mood to hear We Are Scientists anymore. I’ve kept them on my iPod for whatever reason and “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” came on a few days ago. Hearing this wicked good track for the first time in years made me remember why I liked We Are Scientists so much in the first place. My love for them definitely was rekindled thanks to the power of the iTunes Shuffle Challenge!

Gorillaz – Dirty Harry: My journey through shuffle-land has been so musically rewarding thus far and one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had was when “Dirty Harry” came on. This song played in the early days of the challenge and I just remember being so happy when I heard the unmistakable intro to the track as I was driving in the Little Red Love Machine. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I had the windows down and my music playing at the loudest possible volume…It was perfect. There’s something about this song that makes me feel so genuinely good, probably because it holds a lot of sentimental value for me. I used to play “Dirty Harry” a lot to hype me up for skating competitions or auditions and it always worked like a charm. This track and I go way back and it will forever be one of my favorites.

So there you have it, the best of the best of my iTunes Shuffle Challenge so far! How many songs do you have on your iTunes? What do you think about starting a shuffle challenge of your own? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Man Crush Monday: Jack White Edition

Man Crush Monday: Jack White Edition

Helllooo everyone and happy Monday! I’ve been doing weekly Woman Crush Wednesday posts as of late so I figured now would be a good time to give the guys a shout out with some Man Crush Monday posts! My very first subject for #MCM should be a given if you know anything about Lil Red and it’s a gent that I love very much – the talented and handsome Mr. Jack White! ❤

Dearest Jack White,

Oh Jack White you drop dead gorgeous hunka hunk of burning love, welcome to the world of lifewithlilred! Words truly cannot express my deep and passionate love/lust for you. I’ve been listening to your music since I was a little girl so it’s safe to say that you are definitely on my top five list of Lil Red’s Favorite Artists. Your talent is unreal and your good looks are staggering, so hubba hubba to you, sir. I appreciate all of your musical endeavors more than you know and find so much joy in listening to any and all of it – The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, your amazing solo work…even albums that you make brief appearances on like Danger Mouse’s “Rome” – I love it all. In fact, one of my favorite musical activities is putting all of your various albums on shuffle and listening to them throughout the day. What I enjoy the most about your music is that there’s always a song waiting for me in my Jack White collection that speaks to whatever emotion that I’m feeling at the time. Your music has been there for me to listen to on countless occasions – my first day of college, auditions, tragedies, and success…and for that, I salute you. I LOVE YOU so much (just in case you forgot) AND I’m very pale with red hair which I know you like, so feel free to ask me for my hand in marriage anytime!


^^^ GOOD LORD!!! What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.

Well now that I’m significantly hot and bothered, I guess I should get back to the Tri-C homework grind! I hope that all of you are having a great day so far! Who is your Man Crush Monday? What’s one of your favorite musical endeavors from Jack White? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah