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Spooky Spectacular OOTD Bonus Pictures

Spooky Spectacular OOTD Bonus Pictures

Howdy! As promised, today we are going to look at some bonus pictures from my Spooky Spectacular OOTD. Johnny and I had a very successful Halloween weekend, minus me coming down with an awful cold on Sunday. But that’s okay because Halloween Sunday was just us watching scary movies all day so we didn’t miss out on any of our festivities. Take a look at some pics and let’s discuss:

On Friday, Johnny and I attended a Halloween get together hosted by one of his work friends seen in the picture above. Her and her husband set up a mini haunted house in their backyard which we unfortunately didn’t get to go through because it wasn’t finished by the time we were heading out. It was still a lot of fun, though, and it was nice to finally meet some of my husband’s work friends who he has spoke so highly about.

Saturday was a hoot too and we took our little niece trick or treating at our apartment offices and had a spooky song dance party afterwards. She also enjoyed playing with all of the bits and baubles on our spooky shelf as well as our huge collection of LEGO mini figs! Later that evening, we headed to a friend’s house for some Halloween hangs. Of course, Johnny and I had to step out in our costumes even though no one else was dressed up lol.

As mentioned above, I woke up feeling miserable on Sunday and was left exhausted by a killer cold from outer space. Everyone has a certain time during the year when they usually catch a little bug and I thought that I had surpassed mine because it tends to happen for me in mid-October. I guess Halloween weekend had one more trick for me so it was the perfect day to watch all of the scary movies and a couple episodes of Criminal Minds – our favorite! 😀

Even though I fell under the weather, our Halloween weekend was a great time. Johnny and I had so much fun getting dressed up in our costumes and we are already talking about what we should be next year! ❤

How did you celebrate Halloween? What is your favorite Halloween candy? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Spooky Spectacular OOTD

Spooky Spectacular OOTD

Hi! Today, we are going to take a look at my Spooky Spectacular OOTD for Halloween. I’ll be the first to admit that I threw this costume together and hoped for the best and I am incredibly pleased with how it turned out. Although I couldn’t find a vampire costume to match Johnny’s, that’s okay, because I was able to come up with a costume that no one else would have. Take a look:

Who? What? Wear?

During our search for Halloween costumes, Johnny and I went to three different stores and I couldn’t find NOTHIN minus a couple of super cool accessories. This included the claw rings that I am obsessed with even though they are way too big and crazy cheap lol. Johnny was able to find a vampire costume that I thought he looked dashing in while I had to resort to online shopping after our rounds at the stores.

I scoured Amazon for over a half hour and was still coming up empty. I just couldn’t find anything that spoke to me and I had all but given up when I stumbled upon the skeleton bodysuit by Tipsy Elves. It was definitely more expensive than what I was comfortable with, however, it was one of the few things I saw that I could actually work with so I gave it a shot. It conveniently arrived with free one day shipping and it was a huge relief that it fit well when I tried it on. The last thing I needed was to find another costume in a sea of not so muches.

Despite having the bodysuit, my costume was not complete because I felt too exposed in just the bodysuit and fishnets. I decided that a black tutu skirt was a necessity so Johnny and I made our way back to Spirit Halloween the Thursday before the big weekend. The store was so picked over and entire shelves were completely bare with no black tutu skirt in sight. All that was left was red and purple skirts, so red it was. At the time, I wasn’t thrilled about it but after putting on the completed costume, I should have been looking for a red skirt all along – it’s so cute!

To finish the look, I went with my wedding heels that worked perfectly with the skeleton bodysuit. I also was really happy to be able to wear them again after mine and Johnny’s June nuptials. After my OOTD was ready to go, it was time to apply makeup and that went as well as to be expected with a palette from Spirit Halloween lol. Needless to say, it didn’t apply very well but I was pleased with how my attempt at skeleton makeup turned out even though I didn’t have the best tools to work with.

My Spooky Spectacular costume is one that I am really proud of and it turned out even better than I expected. Thrown together? Yes. So cute it’s scary? Yes times a million! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for bonus pictures! 😀

What did you do for Halloween? What did you dress up as? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah