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Man Crush Monday: Zahn McClarnon Edition

Man Crush Monday: Zahn McClarnon Edition

Hello everyone and happy Monday! Lifewithlilred has lacked a new Man Crush Monday for a while now because I thought I had all of my celebrity crushes covered…but after seeing Zahn McClarnon on FX’s Fargo, I knew that I thought wrong. My dad and I are big Fargo fans so when we finally got around to watching season two and McClarnon’s character, Hanzee Dent, was introduced I was completely dumbstruck. Take a look at some pics of this handsome hunk of a man and let’s discuss:

Dear Zahn McClarnon,

If there’s one thing that I love in a man, it’s cheekbones that you can cut glass with. If there’s another thing that I love in a man, it’s long, luscious, flowing locks. So needless to say, when you made your debut on Fargo as Hanzee, my jaw dropped to the floor. You are literally the most gorgeous man that I have seen on TV in years and I am not just saying that. Not only are you incredibly good looking BUT you’re incredibly talented! You were hands down one of the best parts of Fargo Season Two and I loved watching you every time your character appeared. I was just as impressed by your strong and stoic demeanor as I was by your striking features and that really says something about you as an actor! I hope to see a lot more of you in the future and if you read this then please marry me.

Love, Sarah

What a guy, what a guy, what a heck of a guy. For those of you who haven’t hopped on the Fargo train, then I cannot recommend it highly enough. Both seasons are excellent and you have some fantastic eye candy to ogle at, too! Obviously.

So there you have it, this week’s Man Crush Monday: Zach McClarnon Edition! Where are my Fargo fans at? What other characters did you love on the show? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


I’ll Tell You What I Thought, What I Really Really Thought (AHS Episode 6)

I’ll Tell You What I Thought, What I Really Really Thought (AHS Episode 6)

Helloooo everyone and welcome to my opinion post on the newest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, “Room 33”. To be frank, I wasn’t a fan. This episode had me questioning whether or not I wanted to continue watching season five – but fear not, I wouldn’t do that to my readers who tune in to these posts! :*) There was a lot that I just didn’t care for in “Room 33”, so let’s get to it:

Jumpy story lines: “Room 33” was all over the place. The story lines of season five being jumpier than a rabbit on Ecstasy has been one of my complaints since the very beginning, but the newest epi was just too much. We were going from time period, to location, to person, to plot quicker than you could wrap your head around the previous scene. This would all be fine and well if they gave the individual story lines time to develop but that really isn’t happening. In almost every episode we’re introduced to something that could be a potentially cool plot to delve further into but it’s either A) not mentioned again or B) brought up again too late into the season to the point that it feels irrelevant.

Now usually I’m a huge fan of intricate episodes and story lines but there comes a time when it feels like overkill. In almost every episode of Hotel thus far, I feel like Ryan Murphy has bit off more than he can chew. The flimsy plot feels more like unfortunate sloppiness rather than a build up of instances that are going to lead to one major turning point in the season. #whompwhomp


A sub par cast: Sorry, but I’m not blown away by any of the actors in this season aside from Denis O’Hare. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is doing an okay job – but that’s just it, they’re just okay. I haven’t seen one stand out performance by a leading character all season and that’s just unacceptable. Wes Bentley is delivering a similar performance each week, so is Chloe Sevigny (Alex), Lady Gaga, Finn Wittrock – basically everyone. And don’t even get me started on Sarah Paulson. Despite Paulson’s lack of being featured in each episode, I’m still very disappointed in her performance. All of the Hotel tenants just seem very lackluster and dull. If you’ve seen ten minutes of acting from each character, you’ve seen it all.

Murder House similarities: “Room 33” felt like I was watching an episode of Murder House that wasn’t very good. I loved the dead and living interaction in Murder House and I never minded it when it showed up sparingly in Hotel. However, the newest episode revolved around the interactions of the living characters and those who died in the Cortez and I felt like I’ve seen it all before. The episode felt too familiar and not in the good way. I understand that the plot calls for the dead to wreak some havoc on the living in the Cortez. BUT, the dead in “Room 33” were being featured more than the living, which I feel is so unnecessary. Had they cut out some of the scenes with those who passed in the Cortez (IE: the woman in the bath tub) and focused a little more on the characters who are still alive, then the episode might have been more cohesive.

All in all, I’m going to have to give episode six, “Room 33” a rating of: one star. This episode did nothing for me and received such a low rating for dull performances and a plot that was too jumpy to be enjoyable. Better luck on episode seven! #disappointed

I Told You What I Thought, What I Really Really Thought about the newest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel and now it’s your turn! What did you think of “Room 33”? What character would you like to see more of in the next episode? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

The Strain – Season Finale!!!!

The Strain – Season Finale!!!!

The season finale of FX’s The Strain aired last night, and it was fantastic! Minus a few flaws through out the season, I thought it was a really solid effort. Last nights finale ended pretty much identical to how it did in the first book of The Strain trilogy, so it was nice how they stayed true to that. I’ve learned to look past the god awful makeup for The Master, as I know that once he sheds his newly injured body in lieu of a new vampire follower, we’ll never have to look at the stupid muppet makeup again! There’s a few things about the television series that I didn’t care for:

1) I absolute HATE that blonde Brit chick. WHO IS SHE?! In the book she’s basically non existent. It’s so obvious that she’s a “fill in” character to give the show a bit more diversity or what have you – but either way: she’s annoying. Get rid of her for season two please and thank you!

2) The casting choice for Zack. That kid is lame. In the books Zack is fairly tough and is no where near as sensitive as they make him on the show. The kid can’t act to save his life from a vampire attack either. It sounds like he’s reading from a script the whole time. There’s a million of capable child actors that could play this part, and unfortunately their choice is not one of them.

3) The choice of communication for the vampires. WHY IN TARNATION ARE THEY TALKING?! In the book, the vamps strictly communicate via telekinesis and it was SO much more effective than actually seeing them speak. I’m specifically referencing The Master and Quinlin, of course. The thought of hearing vamps speak in your head really gave me a sense of unease whenever I would read it in the trilogy. The choice to have them actually vocalize was a disappointing one.

4) Nora’s mother. She was insanely annoying – and that’s all I’m going to say about that, because anyone reading this probably already thinks I’m insensitive for calling the actor who plays Zack lame 🙂

For those of you who have read my previous posts on The Strain – you’ll already know how I feel about The Masters makeup (lord have mercy on me) so I didn’t feel the need to put that as the obvious number one on my list of bothersome flaws on the show. All in all though, this was a FANTASTIC effort of a first season. The first book in The Strain trilogy which is what this season was based on, was absolutely jam packed with detail. The production team did a really good job of remaining fairly true to the book, and I applaud them on that. The season finale was a good one – full of suspense. It also left at a really nice cliff hanger to keep us excited for season two, which will air in 2015. I don’t wanna wait that long though!!!!

Where are all of my fans of The Strain at? How did you feel about this season? What did you like? What did you hate? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! -Sarah

The Strain – part two!

The Strain – part two!

It’s no secret to my followers on here that I’m a bit of a TV show fanatic. My recent obsession has been The Strain, on FX. I deeply enjoyed reading the trilogy penned by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro, and the show has been smooth sailing up until the MAJOR makeup disappointment this week. Any of you who watch the show will hopefully know I’m referring to the SHAMEFUL display of makeup on The Master, as seen below:


LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME!!!!! I could have done a better makeup job than that!!!!!!!!!! If any of you have read the trilogy, you’ll know that The Master sounds absolutely horrifying. His looks can only be described as a nightmare come to life. Very often in the book his face is masked by a cloak, which can be seen in my featured image, but when his face is shown, the characters are known to stop in their tracks and stare into his eyes….essentially staring into death. The books leave the descriptions of his appearance fairly vague, because he can jump from one host body to the next at will. The unknown is what makes him so scary. At this point in the television series his host body is a seven foot tall giant man, Sardu. Unfortunately, this disgraceful excuse for makeup read more like a muppet than the staggering appearance of a real life giant. The major problem with these prosthetics is that they literally can’t move. If you watch The Master talk during the show, his mouth only opens and closes, forming no syllables. Which brings me to another problem. WHY IS THE MASTER TALKING?!!?!!!!! In the books, he communicates with his vampire followers and humans alike via telepathy. If they stayed true to this, maybe the makeup wouldn’t have been half as shitty, because we wouldn’t have to see it in action. Just kidding…it would still suck. A quick fix to this makeup malfunction would have just been to keep The Master cloaked. Why display a poor makeup to millions of viewers when leaving our dark lord covered would have given a much more ominous presence? I try to look at the pictures of The Master and make excuses for it, but there’s really no saving this look. That nose. Those ears. Those eyes that practically show the actors actual skin beneath the eyeball. and worst of all THAT MOUTH THAT DOESN’T WORK!!!! I was SO pleased with the television efforts for The Stain until now. What a major buzzkill. I so desperately wanted pure fear when The Master was revealed. I wanted to feel like I was staring into the face of the monster in my closet, under my bed, in the scary furnace room in my basement. But I ended up staring at a poorly applied pull over mask. My suggestions to the current makeup artists on the show: Go to the nearest Halloween store and purchase a mask from there, because it’s sure as hell going to look better than your so called creation! #disappointed #bitter -#Sarah!

The Strain


So my television obsession recently has been the FX series called The Strain. It’s based off of the trilogy written by the gorgeous minds of Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. I just finished the trilogy after a solid month or so of plucking away at the 350 plus page books, and let me tell you: it was fucking crazy!!!! I’m not gonna give anything away, I promise….but jeez Louise! If you happen to watch the tv show and haven’t read the books, I can’t recommend them highly enough. I’m honestly not a huge vampire fan per say, but the unique take on the vamps in this series had me hooked. These vamps are absolute demons. With no sparkly skin and no teenage romance bullshit. So naturally, I loved them. The television series has been doing a terrific job of staying true to the books so far too, so kudos to that for sure. The tv show has also done a great job of hiring this sexy beast to be a cast member:

HUBBA HUBBA! That’s my man crush Monday right there 😉
What are some book recommendations guys? I need something new to start reading since I completed The Strain trilogy! I’m thinking of starting Gone Girl, the movie trailer for it looked intriguing. Have any of you read it? Is it worth my time? Leave me a comment and let me know! Have a great night! -Sarah