The Strain – Season Finale!!!!

The Strain – Season Finale!!!!

The season finale of FX’s The Strain aired last night, and it was fantastic! Minus a few flaws through out the season, I thought it was a really solid effort. Last nights finale ended pretty much identical to how it did in the first book of The Strain trilogy, so it was nice how they stayed true to that. I’ve learned to look past the god awful makeup for The Master, as I know that once he sheds his newly injured body in lieu of a new vampire follower, we’ll never have to look at the stupid muppet makeup again! There’s a few things about the television series that I didn’t care for:

1) I absolute HATE that blonde Brit chick. WHO IS SHE?! In the book she’s basically non existent. It’s so obvious that she’s a “fill in” character to give the show a bit more diversity or what have you – but either way: she’s annoying. Get rid of her for season two please and thank you!

2) The casting choice for Zack. That kid is lame. In the books Zack is fairly tough and is no where near as sensitive as they make him on the show. The kid can’t act to save his life from a vampire attack either. It sounds like he’s reading from a script the whole time. There’s a million of capable child actors that could play this part, and unfortunately their choice is not one of them.

3) The choice of communication for the vampires. WHY IN TARNATION ARE THEY TALKING?! In the book, the vamps strictly communicate via telekinesis and it was SO much more effective than actually seeing them speak. I’m specifically referencing The Master and Quinlin, of course. The thought of hearing vamps speak in your head really gave me a sense of unease whenever I would read it in the trilogy. The choice to have them actually vocalize was a disappointing one.

4) Nora’s mother. She was insanely annoying – and that’s all I’m going to say about that, because anyone reading this probably already thinks I’m insensitive for calling the actor who plays Zack lame 🙂

For those of you who have read my previous posts on The Strain – you’ll already know how I feel about The Masters makeup (lord have mercy on me) so I didn’t feel the need to put that as the obvious number one on my list of bothersome flaws on the show. All in all though, this was a FANTASTIC effort of a first season. The first book in The Strain trilogy which is what this season was based on, was absolutely jam packed with detail. The production team did a really good job of remaining fairly true to the book, and I applaud them on that. The season finale was a good one – full of suspense. It also left at a really nice cliff hanger to keep us excited for season two, which will air in 2015. I don’t wanna wait that long though!!!!

Where are all of my fans of The Strain at? How did you feel about this season? What did you like? What did you hate? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! -Sarah

Leave me a comment and let's chat!

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