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Glass Animals Concert

Glass Animals Concert

Heyyy everyone and happy Tuesday! So last night I went to see Glass Animals at the House Of Blues in Cleveland with one of my comrades and it was fucking amazing! I’m going to be really honest with you guys…I was very intoxicated so some of the details are a little blurry BUT I do know that Glass Animals absolutely killed it. I also know that I’m never getting too turnt during a concert again so I can fully enjoy it and be able to remember everything about the show vividly. It was raining when we got to the venue and we got there a half hour before the doors opened so instead of waiting in line outside we went to a bar around the corner for drinks. As you guys have gathered by now, I’m a big fat lightweight so after two vodka based drinks I already felt tipsy. This unfortunately didn’t stop me from drinking more at the HOB, AYYY! #whitegirlwasted

Shortly after we got to the venue, the opening band came on. I feel like such a goon, but I can’t even recall the name of them…I mean if they were good I probably would have remembered but they weren’t my cup of tea anyways. They were really techno-y, which I actually wasn’t expecting because I feel like Glass Animals is more indie than electronica, so that was kind of fun because I’ve never been to a techno show before. I dunno, music like that all starts sounding the same to me after awhile, so I felt like after hearing two songs by the opener I heard them all. That’s why I really like Glass Animals, because they have electronica qualities to their music but it’s still distinctively very indie as a whole.

The nice part about this show was that there was only the one opener and then Glass Animals came on. This was great, because there were three openers for The Used when I saw them at the HOB last month and it dragged on for forever. As soon as Glass Animals came on I freaked out so hard! It kind of sucked because we were pretty far back in the standing area so I couldn’t really see the stage even with my concert heels on, but I’m not too worried about it because homegirl was dancing the whole time – everyone was! The lighting throughout the show was dope and all of the good vibes in the audience was amazing to experience. I didn’t take many pictures during the concert because I was dancing (probably very poorly) and I was so white girl wasted that all of the pictures were probably going to be blurry anyways. But take a look at the pics I did manage to snap before I gave up on having my iPod out:


^^^ AHHHH! Like I said, all of their lighting was rad and they alternated their color scheme a lot throughout the show. They used the green in my featured image photo to open the concert with and then would change the lighting after every song or two. There was deep indigo, red, fuchsia, white, purple, and probably a lot more that I just can’t remember…Whoops.

I haven’t even talked about how the band sounded yet, so let’s discuss! Glass Animals sounded INCREDIBLE live. Their set list consisted of their album ZABA in its entirety and then one or two songs that I hadn’t heard before. They sounded EXACTLY like how they do on their debut album, which was astounding to me because there’s so much going on in all of the tracks that in my head I thought it would be difficult to recreate on stage…Drunk girl thoughts, obviously! It was so cool to be able to experience seeing one of my favorite bands live and having their performance go above and beyond the high standards that I hold them at, because they really are SO talented. There’s not one song on ZABA that I dislike so I was so happy that that was primarily what they performed at the concert, especially because the album is still relatively new.

As my white girl wastedness increased throughout the night, so did the urge to pee. I had to go SO SO BAD towards the end of the concert, so when they closed the show and went off stage for a few minutes before the encore I jumped on the opportunity to go to the bathroom. They had a chair by the sinks that I vividly remember sitting on for some reason or another, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyways, as I finished washing my hands I heard the beginning of “Pools” being played which is literally one of my favorite songs on the planet, so I ran my happy ass back to my companion in the standing area ASAP so that I didn’t miss one more second of it. Hearing “Pools” live was what I was looking forward to the most and it was everything that I hoped it would be AND MORE. It was seriously the perfect encore song to close the night with. What an amazing, incredible, wonderful, terrific show.

So there you have it, my Glass Animals concert experience! If any of you guys have the opportunity to see them live, I urge you to jump on it! You’ll be glad that you did! Is anyone going to a show anytime soon? Who are you seeing? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Music Obsessions – TECHNO TIME!

Music Obsessions – TECHNO TIME!

So I’m not the biggest fan of the techno/electronica genre, however there’s some really fantastic artists and remixes out there that deserve some Lil Red lovin. Here’s some of my TECHNO TIME music obsessions:

Purity Ring Feat. Danny Brown – Belispeak II: Hell to the YES. Belispeak was a sick song already but Danny Brown laying down his insane rap game on the track made it even better. I love the morbid lyrics Purity Ring has to offer that are usually performed in a sing songy voice so hearing Danny Brown spit his verses with sharpness made for a very unique remix. Well done.

The Knife – A Tooth For An Eye: I really REALLY enjoy The Knife. This song happens to be one of my favorite tracks to listen to while I’m showering 😉 (you’re welcome!). But seriously. If you listen to this song or have heard it before, you’ll know why. This track makes me feel like I’m being transported into a rainforest safari. Best believe that my body is covered in tribal paint and wild animals are frolicking all around me in this weird minds eye vision. Take whatever device you listen to music on into your bathroom and take a hot bath or shower while listening to this track…you’ll thank me later.

Basshunter – Dota: PLEASE judge me for it, I’m begging you!!!! Ha, I remember when my brother introduced me to this song years ago and I thought it was the funniest thing ever. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t love it though!! This track is so damn catchy I CAN’T EVEN! It makes me feel like I should be on a stage surrounded by a huge crowd with green lights flashing everywhere. I would be Basshunter’s hype girl and I want jump around on stage the ENTIRE time. Best. Fantasy. Ever.

The Knife – We Share Our Mother’s Health (Ratatat Remix): This is hands down my favorite remix of all time, simply because Ratatat made their remix better than the original. It’s a pretty dark take on the The Knife’s original track and I really like that. The non remix song sounds quite haphazard and Ratatat made their remix sound extremely cohesive. The way he blended the high pitched female chanting along with the male baritone singing is GORGEOUS. This remix happens to be a PacSun song (go figure!) and it’s definitely in my top five favorites that we played there for sure.

Glass Animals – Pools: I’ve mentioned this song previously and quite frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn – BECAUSE IT’S SO GOOD! I love this song so very much because it’s the perfect combination of a fairly indie sound with electronica mixed in, and I’m very much an indie girl at heart. The lyrics in this song are just beautiful. My favorite time to listen to this song is when I’m driving and it’s raining, it kind of gives me the same rainforest-y feel that A Tooth For An Eye does. My other favorite time to blast this track is when I’m feeling a little bummed out. There’s something about the mellow lyrics with a really uplifting beat in the background that just makes me feel good. Take a listen and I think you’ll understand.

t.A.T.u. – All The Things She Said: This song is a fucking classic and don’t you dare tell me other wise. This may not be one of t.A.T.u.’s most electronica based songs but it’s so good that I just don’t care. I find this song relevant to my life literally EVERY time I hear it. I’ve loved this song since I was fifteen and here I am still rocking out to it five years later. A lot of people classify this track as a break up song, but it’s more of an every day life song to me. We all have that one person or situation that we forever have stuck in our heads. Some people have more than others. All The Things She Said captures this feeling perfectly. Love it.

I’m very aware that quite a few of these songs wouldn’t be classified to others as purely techno or electronica. BUT to me they are, considering that these artists and songs are about as far as I dabble into those genres. Does anyone have any suggestions for some artists that I might like? If so, please leave me a comment and let’s chat! ALSO, make sure you check back in with me tonight for my review of the new episode of American Horror Story! Happy Hump Day! -Sarah

Capital Cities

Capital Cities

One album that I can’t get enough of lately is Capital Cities’ In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery. I like these guys A LOT. And if the only song you know by them is Safe & Sound, then you need to up your game and give their whole album a listen. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing these guys through out the day when I’m at work at PacSun, as we play at least half of this album on our play list. My ultimate favorite song on the album has to be Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast. It’s so catchy, with an amazing beat. Both gentleman in the Capital Cities duo play the keyboard, and their talent for the instrument is just so evident on this song. The repetitive lyrics are so easy to get stuck in your head, and luckily this song is so enjoyable that you won’t even care.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgylZphRXqA (Here’s the official video for Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast)

One thing that I really like about these guys is the fact that their vocals are on point. Some bands that focus on an electronica/dance inspired sound sometimes lack vocally. But both Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian hold their own very well vocally. Their lack of auto tuned singing is so refreshing amidst a heavy synth sound. Another song that I really like off of A Tidal Wave would have to be I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo. At one point at work, we played a remix of this song, but I didn’t know it was a remix at the time. I was so pleasantly surprised to hear the original version on the album! Honestly, this song is so good it doesn’t need remixed at all. Nothing is better than the original, as they say! Try not to sing along to this jam, I dare you! I double dare you to not add in the high pitched “I sold my bed!” in the background of the refrain 😉

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXqqWbnboJ0 (Here’s the official video for I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo)

In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery is filled with extremely solid songs cover to cover. It always makes me super happy to hear their song Love Away in the newest Taco Bell commercials too. My favorite food combined with one of my favorite up and comers in one commercial makes for a very happy Sarah! When you listen to this album, make sure you really are listening. There’s so many fun pop culture references made through out a lot of these tracks that will be sure to make you smile to yourself when you hear them.


Do I have any readers on here that are hip to Capital Cities? What songs do you like? What bands should I listen to next? Leave me a comment and let me know! Have a great night! -Sarah