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Accessory Story: Cross To Bear Earrings Edition

Accessory Story: Cross To Bear Earrings Edition

Hi! While shopping in Marietta during Valentine’s Day weekend, I went a little crazy at a boutique with the adorably Southern name of EmLeigh’s and Mama B’s. This Francesca’s style store is in the process of going completely online so do be sure to check it out because they had the most gorgeous clothes and accessories for insanely good prices. Not only did I get three beautiful new clothing pieces but I ended up with a ton of earrings too, including these lovely cross shaped numbers:


Despite not being religious in the slightest, I have always had a panache for cross shaped accessories. I love rosaries and dangly cross earrings and you can almost always catch me rocking my signature black pair. I am a huge fan of the bling and when I saw my new cross earrings bedazzled in black and white gems I just couldn’t choose which color I wanted… So I got both, lol. Whoops! 😉

I am a firm believer in accessories being able to completely change an outfit, which makes me partial to chunky necklaces and dramatic beads. But, I am particularly fond of earrings because of how they pop against my short-ish, choppy, red hair. I love being able to see the light hit the gemstones or shiny metallic hues and it puts complete focus on your pretty face.

Not only do these earrings make a bold statement but they will look absolutely dazzling come summer time when the sunlight makes the crystals dance. EmLeigh’s and Mama B’s was such a charming little shop and I can’t wait to share the rest of my haul with all of you!

What is your favorite boutique? What is your favorite kind of accessory? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Princess Manicure Day!

Princess Manicure Day!

Helloooo everyone and TGIF! I had a fabulous afternoon yesterday with my beloved nail tech, Vinny!! He crafted my talons to perfection, we ate food, drank Patron, and had a gay old time! Before I went to the salon I went to Starbucks and got Vinny’s usual 4/4 White Lightening for him – it’s the least I can do considering all he does for me. I then headed over to Empress Nails for some princess style pampering! My sweet Vinny spent close to two hours filling, sharpening, and shaping my claws and here’s the end result:


^^^ So in love!!! As usual we did all black with a blue accent nail on each hand. The blue was Vinny’s idea because the last time we hung out “Blue On Black” was playing on the radio and Vinny was amazed that I knew the song and was able to sing along with him! My new thing when I get my nails done is getting a cross airbrushed on both of my middle fingers, which I’m sure is not everyone’s cup of tea – but hey, I like it!

While Vinny was working his magic on my acrylics I asked him if he wanted to go visit my sister, Kristen, with me at the restaurant she works at once he was done at the salon. To my surprise, he said that we can go after he finished my nails! So after my talons were nice and dry we piled into the Vinny Mobile and spent the entire afternoon playing hooky from our responsibilities! We spent the next few hours at Kristen’s restaurant where we hung out with her and the other employees, ate lunch, ate ice cream, drank some Patron, and enjoyed each others company. While we were talking with Kristen, she mentioned how badly she wanted Subway – so once we got back into the Vinny Mobile, Vinny decided that we should get her some Subway and bring it back to her. He’s seriously the sweetest guy with the biggest heart in the whole wide world. We found the nearest Subway and I ordered for Kristen since we both pretty much get the exact same veggie sub from there and then we backtracked to the restaurant to bring it back to her. Kristen was so gracious and so was I because we both have the best friend in the history of EVER!

After we brought Kristen her food, we headed back to the salon so I could collect the Little Red Love Machine and Vinny could work for a bit more. It was a beautiful afternoon and I’m so happy that I got to spend it with my best friend! ❤

^^^ Vinny told me that “Blue On Black” is his favorite song so this goes out to you! I LOVE YOU!!! #teamvinny

I hope all of you are having a great Friday so far! What is everyone up to this weekend? Do any of you have a special friendship with one of your hair stylists or nail techs? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah