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Coachella Inspired OOTD

Coachella Inspired OOTD

Hi everyone and welcome to a simply gorgeous Coachella Inspired OOTD by my very first lifewithlilred guest blogger, Miss Nida, from Shopaholic Blogs. I’ll never forget my first email encounter with Nida all the way back in February. I thought that her confidence to come right out and email me asking about a guest blogging spot was so admirable and I was instantly drawn to her. Nida and I are literally on opposite ends of the globe but I can honestly say that I consider her a dear friend and I can feel her spirit through her words and pictures and it’s just as beautiful as she is!

Nida’s posts are always sublime and if you love seeing her on my page as much as I do then please do yourselves a favor and follow her blog! These guest blogs are just a little sliver of the big picture of the awesomeness that is her page. So without further ado, take a look at Nida’s summer festival OOTD:

Coachella Inspired OOTD:

Hello Loves! 💕
Summer is in full swing and when Sarah emailed me about doing a guest post for the summer I was totally on board! I have enjoyed working with Sarah in the past, she is so appreciative and encouraging  and we get along fabulously! ✨
For this post Sarah requested a summer accessories look and as always she gave me tons of room to be as creative as I liked. 💕
For this look I was inspired by the recent Coachella festival. Here’s to a fabulous summer and I hope that you guys enjoy this look!  😘

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^^^ LOVE the head chain…Is that what you call it? -Sarah
About The Outfit:
🔅 Top: Banana Republic
🔅 Skirt: American Eagle Outfitters
🔅 Vest: Aeropostale
🔅 Shoes: American Eagle Outfitters
🔅 Jewelry: H&M, Fossil, Lucky
🔅 Scarf: Macy’s
🔅 Bag: Dooney & Bourke
Thanks again to the lovely Sarah for this opportunity. Let us know how you liked this look, we would love to hear your comments! 💕
^^^ My blogging BFF strikes again! Once again, please check out Shopaholic Blogs for more from fashionista queen Nida! How do you rock a summer festival look? Which look of Nida’s can you see yourself wearing? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

DIY Summer Festival Style

DIY Summer Festival Style

Hello everyone and welcome to an amazing arts and crafts guest blog by my talented friend, Emma, at Randomina. My guest blogger that was originally scheduled for today bailed on me and I was getting antsy as to what I would do since I promised a guest blog for every Sunday of May to my beloved readers. Luckily, an email from Emma shined like a beacon of hope and she was able to create a simply fantastic tie-dye tutorial post.

I am so appreciative to Emma for making this post on a time crunch and am so pleased to be able to house her on lifewithlilred for the day. I encourage all of you to check her blog out – I assure you that you won’t be disappointed! Now, take a look at the post that Miss Emma created special for all of my lifewithlilred readers:

DIY Summer Festival Style

Hello everyone! My name is E from Randomina, I do make up and clothing tutorials along with designing and manufacturing my own textile works while blogging part-time. I thank Sarah of Lil Red very much for having me as her guest blogger today as she is going away on holiday. This gave me the inspiration to teach you four fabric dying styles, three from the Japanese art called Shibouri, to have a fun and creative way to a Coachella Chic wardrobe at your fingertips!

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You Need:
  • 1 bucket/container of water
  • 2 gloves (plastic or rubber will do)
  • Dye packets/tie-dye kits
  • Paint brushes
  • Elastics
  • A bundle of pebbles
  • A finished toilet paper roll
  • The garment you want to customize (in my case fabric samples)
Tutorial 1- Arashi/Pole Wrapping: Wrap the garment around the toilet roll and secure with elastics. Use as many bands as you please but when wrapping, scrunch as you go along to wrinkle it. Whatever dyes you are using PLEASE be careful as some dye packets can be harmful to the skin. And, of course, follow the instructions on how to make your color and how to store it. After you make your color, put a portion of it in your container (small doses makes the color pale) and mix it with your brush and then paint your color on your “pole” and leave to dry.
Tutorial 2- Kumo/Pebbles: Take the garment and the pebbles and place the pebbles in any way you like with the garment on top. Pull the pebble through and trap it in place with an elastic until the whole garment is covered in the “pebble pattern”. Get your brush and paint on the pebble silhouette and on the elastic around it. Take your time and when you’re done, leave it to dry.
Tutorial 3- Itajime/Folding: Fold your garment like an accordion until it becomes a small square or rectangle. Secure the bundle with elastics. With your container of dye you can (unless you want to have a delicate pattern) put the garment in the container and evenly coat it in dye. Take off the bands and  unfold when dried.
Tutorial 4- Twisty Stripes: Hold a corner of the garment and twist tightly and secure with bands as you go. You can submerge the garment in the container or you can paint as many colors as you wish sparingly. Wait until dried.
**Note: When washing your creations, rinse after the dying with cold water until it runs clear. Once it’s dried, it will be ready to wear. Wash it individually in a normal machine 2-3 times before mixing it in with the rest of your clothes.
Thank you for tuning in today! If you liked that tutorial, I also have a few other crafts that you might enjoy on my blog. See you later! Loads of love and happy crafting!
^^^ So. Much. Fun! I loved Emma’s cool new take on tie-dye and I hope that all of you enjoyed it, too. Again, please venture to Randomina for more from the lovely Emma! What is your favorite summer craft? Who plans on following the steps that Emma provided to create their own hand dyed fabrics? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah