Wedding Nails

Wedding Nails

Hello! Including the day of my Friday wedding, I took two additional days off to get pampered before my big day and it was fabulous, darling! On Wednesday, my favorite nail tech at Elysian Nails came in just for me to do my full set and pedicure and it was a wonderful afternoon of girl talk and relaxation. This was also the third pedicure I have ever gotten in my life so that was such a treat. My last pedi was five years ago when I graduated college and I chose red on my toes then and now. Red on my acrylics was a must too, of course! Check it out:

Elysian Nails is always posting pictures of all of the employees’ amazing nail creations on their Facebook page and that is where I got the inspiration for my wedding nails. A picture was posted of a deep burgundy acrylic set with white rhinestones lining the cuticle and I loved that it offered a little bling without being too much or distracting. As you can see, I went with a brighter red and black rhinestones for my interpretation and I am obsessed with the end result. I also really like how the bling looks more like studs, giving an edgy and industrial vibe.

Not only did I enjoy my first pedicure in half a decade at the salon but I also opted for gel nails for the second time in my life. My nail tech recommended gel polish to help the rhinestones hold better and she knows best so I went for it and I fear she might have created a monster! It was awesome to have the polish dry so quickly and my nails still look as shiny as they did the day I got them done. I have heard from countless people that once you go gel you never go back to regular polish and I can definitely see why!

My visit to Elysian Nails was the perfect way to kick start my wedding weekend and I am very thankful to my tech for taking time out of her day off to get my nails looking right. I can’t wait for my next fill so I can share all of the details of my wedding with my friends at the salon. ❀

Do you prefer manis or pedis? How do you like to pamper yourself? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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