More OOTD Photo Shoot Pics

More OOTD Photo Shoot Pics

Hi! Yesterday, I talked you through the styling for my In Summer, We Wear Black OOTD. I really enjoyed creating that post and it has since become one of my favorite outfits. Today, I am just going to share some additional pictures from the photo shoot because there were so many that I liked and I couldn’t limit it to one post! Check it out:


There is seriously nothing better than when you are totally and completely feeling yourself and that is how I felt when I took these pictures. I had a blast because my mom was the photographer and the self-confidence surge was, obviously, a lot of fun too! ❤

Do you have a favorite outfit? What does your clothes say about you? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. You always have that favorite outfit that fits the inner you perfectly. So the answer is yes I do. I have ideas and of course, “I always have a million ideas just pick one” is a favorite saying of mine, for future photoshoots that displays your nails ( I know some of your shoots already do).

    1. Putting up a finger as if shushing or telling a secret to someone.
    2. Putting up a hand as if telling someone to back off.
    3. Putting one hand on your hip and the other hand up near your face as if pondering or thinking about something.

    Your photoshoot was spectacular! xx


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