New Rachel Zoe Top

New Rachel Zoe Top

Helloooo! This past Saturday, I spent a lovely afternoon shopping at TJMaxx with my mom. I had a birthday gift card as well as TJ’s cash to spend from their credit card so it was definitely burning a hole in both of our pockets! I had a great haul that included two new necklaces, a pair of sunglasses (all of which you will see later), and my new favorite top by Rachel Zoe. Take a look:


I am absolutely in love with this slate grey button down top. It is so simple but the unique color really makes a statement. It has the slightest lavender undertones in it, which just pops against my complexion and tattoos. It’s funny, because before I became heavily tattooed, I would have dubbed a shirt like this as “boring”. But, with all of these inked on accessories, it takes even the most plain top to the next level.

In the fitting room, I tried this Rachel Zoe number tucked into my little blue denim shorts and it made a statement. Then, I tried on a white hi-lo dress with a bright colored pattern and it looked too much with all of the colors already happening on my skin. But, pre-tattooed Sarah would have been all over it and it probably would have looked quite nice! Talk about a total 180, lol.

As I get older, I have learned the power of styling simple but chic outfits. As well as the necessity for clothing that fits just right. This top with my shorts along with a cool pair of summer wedges and a rosary style necklace is all I really needed and it made me feel beautiful. It was also fun to let my tattoos do the talking against a more neutral color palette. So excited to wear this OOTD out and about ASAFP!

How would you style this top for summer? What are some of your styling tips for ultimate chicness? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. Morning Lil Red!!! So nice to return to your blog home and the blog sphere in general. It seems I’ve been away forever! Mind you, I’m taking Patricia Bright’s online course and she recommended getting a website. I’d walked away from websites because of the time I am putting into my YouTube channels.

    But I am not here to discuss creator challenges and woes! 😀

    I love your post! That blouse, I’d style as a dress, with a belt…and high heel sandals! Since I didn’t have a Fenty Savage haul to dive into, you know, falling forward into one of their gorgeous blue bags, I thrifted an oversize white male shirt and create a SHIRT DRESS, which I photographed for my Instagram exactly as I envision your blouse and that belt!!! I’d love to see a picture of how you styled it! Did you post it on this platform?

    Wishing you a wondrous weekend!

    Mucho amor,


    Come see me on YouTube sometimes! I’m the channel, Claudia Moss. I am my brand!


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