New Red Glitter & Black Nails

New Red Glitter & Black Nails

Howdy! Last week, I indulged in a much needed fill for my nails to last me until the new year. I have been holding very true to my four plus weeks without a fill challenge as a money saving technique, and I am rocking it. Now, I get a fill every four and a half weeks or so instead of every three weeks and it makes getting pampered that much more sweeter. Take a look at my new December nails featuring my watermelon bed sheets (lol) and let’s discuss:


I’m not entirely happy with this fill, if a woman is being honest. My nail tech, Steve, used the UV top coat on my nails and it did make them way shinier. BUT, when I went home and tried to do my middle finger crosses, the rhinestones would not stick to the super glue and nail to save my life. A five minute task turned into a half hour easily and I was pissed. Worst of all, Steve didn’t really ask me if he could switch it up, he just kind of did. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a change up as much as the next person, but not if it makes my bedazzling a big, fat pain in the buttinski!

Despite the above irritation, I do really like the red sparkles accent nail color. I was going to go with neon green, but I thought that a lovely, glittery red would be more appropriate for Christmas time. My crosses are not as on point as I would like, but at least the accent nail is distracting enough that hopefully no one will notice! Fingers crossed! Ba dum chhhhhhh.

What would you do if a beauty tech did something that you didn’t ask for? What color of polish do you have on right now? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. I’ve had nail techs not ask what I wanted also in the last and it is annoying. I’m sorry hon but your nails still look beautiful at least. I’m sorry it was frustrating for you. Love ya.


  2. It took me years to find a place that would do what I asked really well! The girl I’ve been going to has been doing my nails for about 5 years now but now that we have a legit friendship she often likes to experiment on my nails and usually I love it but sometimes I don’t 😬. I haaaate confrontation!
    A couple times I’ve gone home and tried to “fix it”.


  3. It’s very hard after all that time they are working on your nails and the finished product is not what you want! Most likely you say thank you and go on with your day having something you don’t like for at least three weeks… I think we already spent at least an hour on nails so why have them go back and redo it! BUT we are paying them and want to be satisfied so it is a difficult situation!


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