Feeling Blah

Feeling Blah

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Is it just me or are any of you guys feeling totally blah lately? I recently started going to therapy at the beginning of October and it has had me in quite a tizzy. That, on top of the changing weather, the darkness that falls in the early evening, and the stressers of daily life has left me feeling completely lackluster.

Now, I get it, life isn’t always sunshine, puppies, and rainbows (I wish!) – but that doesn’t mean that having the blues doesn’t freaking suck! Everything in Lil Red’s world at the moment has just been that step below average. So the not good but closer to bad doldrums have hit me like a ton of bricks. And once those feelings make camp in your head, it’s so hard to shake them.

I try not to be a complainer and god knows I try to just grin and bear it, but boy is it exhausting. I have found solace in Netflix and chilling with myself in between my work schedule but I think that I have become wayyy too comfortable just sinking into the couch and trying to forget my worries in a binge watching session.

So how does one peel themselves off of their futon and start taking life by the horns again? Shit, I don’t know! That’s why I’m asking you guys! Lol, but seriously I need to take a deep breath, get up, and just go. Yes, it’s easier to lose myself in a Saw movie marathon but it would be better to do things that are good for me to clear some of the fog in my head. But, man is it hard sometimes!

What do you do to ease some of the blahs in your brain? How do you get yourself going again after a stint with depression? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. GIRL I FEEL YOU!!!!! I don’t know why.. more than usual lately the blah has been hitting hard! I think life just ebbs and flows that way sometimes- my guilty pleasure is Bravo Housewives (eyeroll)… we will get our groove back soon! Lol.


  2. I feel so bad because im the exact same way. It just takes 1 little wrong thing to make me go bananas. I feel overstressed, and I feel like I want to throw up for awhile. I usually go outside and walk around or play games with my siblings! This helps clear my mind and its been scientifically proven that going outside and talking to yourself about your problems will dramatically help. I hope this helped and feel better!


  3. I made a long list for a “depression game plan” of things to do to fight depression. I learned to do this in therapy long ago. You literally make yourself do things you enjoyed. The pain might still be there but it’s easier to ignore.


  4. Sending you huge hugs beauty! I have been feeling the same way lately. I can’t seem to pull myself out of that funk and Mother Nature and her heartbroken person is NOT helping!
    Also beauty huge kudos for being so authentic and sharing this! I love you mucho and admire you so flipping much! ❤


  5. I’m so sorry you’re feeling depressed. I suffer from depression and it can be such a nightmare. It’s so great that you’re blogging about it AND that you’re going to a therapist. Talking about it definitely puts you at an advantage.
    Have you tried St. John’s Wort? It’s a vitamin that can help with depression. You should only take it while you need it so it doesn’t build up in your system and lose it’s effectiveness!


  6. I really understand what you’re saying. I am a huge binge watcher myself, and I felt many times like you feel now. Let me tell you what I do in these situations (I was just through this fase last week). So first of all I decided that I will devote a day to my binging marathons. But thats it only a day. Then The next day I decided to make my house squicky clean. Having a clean house really helps. Then I did a home beauteau- I’m talking about skincare, hair, nail, whatever you want. After that I listened to some jazzy soul music, lighted some candles, made some tea and just for a night I stayed away from TV and from internet in general. Drink a lot of water too. It is only a decision, you can do it!! Hope you’ll feel better!
    (You actually gave me a great idea for my next post in my blog, so thank you for that 🙂 )

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