Lil Red’s Dream Dressing Room

Lil Red’s Dream Dressing Room

Hi everyone and happy Monday!! Any fashionista can agree that having a huge walk in closet would be the dream. What would yours include? A wall dedicated to your shoe collection? Display cases full of accessories? A tech system that matches your outfits for you a la Cher in Clueless? An in home Dressing Room where you could escape and be surrounded by pretty things sounds like just what the doctor ordered to me! And since we’re on the subject, mine would look something like this:

Lil Red’s Dream Dressing Room

The Color Palette:

My dressing room would be my goth queen lair so the obvious color choices for my room would be black, red, and white. I’m thinking deep, midnight black walls, one oxblood accent wall, and bright, white display features to pop against such a dark palette.


You get the idea!

The Fixtures:

As I said before, crisp white shelving is a must in my walk in closet and each wall would have its own purpose:

Wall 1) I would want an entire wall of cubby holes dedicated to my shoe collection (I have over fifty pairs!), along with a gorgeous white wooden ladder on wheels to reach those high up pumps!

Wall 2) The second wall would house shelving for pieces of clothing that need to be folded on one side and accessories on the other like hats and purses.

Wall 3) Wall number three would feature two sturdy white iron bars for clothes that need hanging like jackets, dresses, skirts, and my black skinny jean collection. The sliding ladder from my shoe wall would also come in handy here, since your girl is only 5’1!

Accent Wall 4) Finally, on my oxblood accent wall, I would want a huge and very well lit full length mirror so that I could evaluate my outfit choices and give it the yay or nay. On both sides of the mirror, I would have glass display cases of jewelry so that I could easily add or take away accessories depending on what the outfit needs.

** And, of course, organization on my walls is extremely important. For shoes, I would display them according to their style and my clothes would be organized by season and color.

The Lighting:

Having excellent lighting in my dressing room is crucial, since the color palette on the walls is so dark. Although I do love the smaller pendant lights from Arhaus, my goth lair calls for a gigantic chandelier! I would want three chandeliers hanging from the ceiling at varying lengths with each individual one being black, white, or red. You can shop Arhaus’s lighting page for your own illuminating inspiration and then check out mine, which looks like this:

Miscellaneous Additions:

If I had my Dream Dressing Room, my friends and I would be spending a lot of time in there, so additional extras are very important. My room would definitely need:

  • A mini fridge stocked with wine and Diet Coke at all times.
  • An excellent sound system.
  • A TV to watch rom-coms with the girls.
  • A gorgeous vanity stocked with makeup and hair styling supplies.

Can you say dream hang out, or?!

Obviously, my walk in closet would have to be huge and my budget would have to be even bigger – but it isn’t called Lil Red’s Dream Dressing Room for nothing! What would be in your dream closet? Am I missing anything in mine? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Love the chandeliers! I’m always dreaming and planning new things for my future walk in closet. It’ll have a cute little seating area and tv for sure lol

    just nominated you for the Liebster award! Details on the blog 🙂


  2. My ultimate closet accessory would be… someone to help me keep it tidy. 🙂 I always have “worn once, but fresh enough to wear again” items draped all over the place.

    Having moved from a small Victorian house (with less than three feet of hanging space under the stairs so only waist high!) to an oversized contemporary with a large, skylit walk in closet, I did suddenly find myself wearing more of my wardrobe and using pieces in more innovative ways.

    LIGHT makes a huge different, and raw space to move around, access everything, and lay out clothing is also pretty game changing.

    I hate white rooms generally, being all about rich colors, but a white closet does let the clothing speak for itself.

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  3. I’d absolutely love to have a walk in closet or dressing room. I suspect that it would be the latter though, given that walk in closets aren’t generally a thing here in England. I did have a dressing room at my previous house but since downscaling to a smaller house recently, I don’t have a spare room to do that any more. It’s weird having everything crammed in my bedroom!

    If I wind up living in a larger house again then I would go for a black and teal or black and purple room with lots of lighting, a full length mirror, a huge vanity area and storage for my makeup, perfume and jewellery; lots of hanging space for my clothes and shelving for my boots and shoes. I have a lot of boots and nowhere to put them here! 😞 I’d also love to have shelving for my nail polish collection, find some way of displaying all my lipsticks so it’s easier to find them; a jukebox, mini fridge, decent sound system, large tv with surround sound and chaise lounges to sprawl across. Let’s face it, I’d never leave the room so it’d need a lot of home comforts in it! 😂


    • Omg a walk in closet would be such a luxury for me haha my tiny one doesn’t have anywhere near enough space for my expansive wardrobe! But omg your dream dressing room sounds amazing – I second everything you just said haha I would basically live in it!!!

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